Lori Lightfoot Uses Murder of Chicago Police Officer to Spread Anti-Gun Hate

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

In the early morning hours of Sunday, the members of the Chicago Police Department honored one of their own in a somber ceremony.

The memorial was held for Ella French, the 29-year-old officer who was slain in a sudden firefight over the weekend, while she and her fellow officers were trying to serve the people of Chicago.

NY Post reported:

According to police accounts, French and two other officers had just stopped a vehicle at 63rd Street and Bell Avenue when one of its three passengers began firing. Officers returned fire, injuring one of the passengers, while the two cops were shot.

One of her partners remains in critical condition.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police wrote a social media post on Sunday about Officer French, which included both acknowledgement of her three years on duty and the fact she was brutally “murdered” in the line of duty:

Ella French was identified by the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police in a post on Facebook on Sunday morning — hours after city officials said she and another officer were hit by gunfire on the city’s South Side.

“Officer Ella French was murdered while conducting a traffic stop with her partners,” according to the post on the page of Chicago FOP Lodge No. 7, the city’s largest police union.

But the police organization and her fellow officers were not the only ones remembering Ella French today.

Chicago’s mayor decided to share her thoughts, which were posted on her official Twitter account. And what she expressed in the statement fails to wash, considering her previous words and actions about the police and the violence that continues to rage through her city.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s thread begins:

Today is an official day of mourning for the city.

We lost a young officer. I offer my condolences to her mother, brother, family and friends. Please keep this officer, the officer in the hospital and CPD in your prayers.

Lightfoot must have forgotten to mention Ella’s two-month-old daughter. Yes, that’s two months. The mom apparently had just returned from maternity leave when she lost her life during a traffic stop.

Lightfoot’s statement continues:

Two young people did what we asked of them: service over self. And one paid with her life

Wait, hold up… “what we asked of them”? As a Chicago’s chief executive, she stood idly by, as the police force of her city suffered at the hands of Antifa and BLM during the summer of 2020, as we reported last July, when almost 50 officers were injured.

What Lori Lightfoot and other Democrats who lead cities ask law enforcement officers to do is to put themselves in an increasingly dangerous environment, under leadership that openly villainizes them, calling them murderers, at every turn, while coddling those within their party who demand they be defunding.

On top of that, she doesn’t make their jobs any easier by insisting on some of the strictest anti-Second Amendment laws in the nation. It makes no sense to hold back law-abiding, everyday Americans from protecting themselves and their families from criminals. But then, when has the activist Left ever been sensible?

Speaking of the anti-gun rhetoric of progressive Dems, on these next couple bits, I need to take it apart, piece by piece.

“Some say we don’t do enough for the police. Others say we do too much.”

is followed by (in the same tweet):

We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring.

This is not something that someone says that’s in any way based in reality. She’s setting up fictitious sides of a debate to try to look like a peacemaker, or she’s trying to find “common ground” — when it’s just a mess of quicksand. Totally ridiculous.

Guns are not anyone’s enemy — except violent criminals who seek to kill cops or harm innocent people. Keep in mind that Lightfoot has insisted, with a straight face, that racism is a public health crisis. We’re not dealing with a serious person here.

Mayor Lightfoot’s inappropriately political statement about Officer Ella French’s death brings to mind the story I wrote last month about a shooting that took place nearby the Washington Nationals ballfield in Washington, D.C.

In that case, Mayor Muriel Bowser stood shoulder to shoulder with the baseball team’s owner, and released a statement that condemned “gun violence” and all but said, “How dare guns do this to innocent bystanders?!”

Here’s the last thing that Lightfoot wrote, and it’s truly the part that embodies what’s wrong with the progressive left and its adherents:

Devoted officers reported for duty today despite their fears & pain. These officers deserve to make it home safely today and everyday.

All the feelings, people! Do you notice how Lightfoot also frames the police as victims here?

Police officers aren’t a pathetic mass of victims, simply struggling to overcome their burdens of pain and fear, as they toil away.

They show up because it’s their duty to do what they swore an oath to do: to protect and serve the public. And they show up even when it’s hard, not like standing in front of microphones and TV cameras, and spouting some emotional platitudes like Mayor Lightfoot continues to — then takes no meaningful action to protect her citizens.

Lastly, our first responders know they might walk out their front door, any day of the week, and not return home that night. But they do what they promised — despite that ever-present threat to themselves.

You know what fallen hero Ella French — and her brothers and sisters in blue — deserve?

And that’s something Democrat politicians like Lightfoot and Bowser will never understand.


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