Big Tech Tips Their Hand With Breathtaking Display of Aid and Comfort to the Democrats

(AP Photo)

The last time we checked in on Big Tech, they were getting quite an earful but good from a certain former president whose initials are D.J.T. On June 8, RedState reported on President Donald Trump needling Twitter about its service getting shut down by the free-speech-hating, ruling regime in Nigeria.

As my colleague Nick Arama had shared in a piece that same week, “Twitter Suspends Former Trump Official and Internet Watchdog for Comparing Brian Stelter to Pulp Fiction Character,” the techno titans seem to be getting ever more touchy by the day, when it comes to free speech and people with the “wrong” kind of politics.

Now, Cernovich, in a post to his Twitter followers on Friday, claims to expose that California Democrat friends of one tech giant appear to be getting extra-special treatment:

He began his tweet:

California Democrats have access to a rapid response team at Twitter, which takes down tweets at the request of Democrats.

Cernovich then shared screenshots of what appear to be pages of a legal document detailing “Democrat operatives” and others requesting — and receiving confirmation — of the deletion of “misinformation” from a “rapid contact” team member working at Twitter. It concerned “Mr. O’Handley’s Post.”

The document read, in part:

Despite the Post’s expression of Mr. O’Handley’s personal opinion regarding the need for greater accountability in election processes–core political speech directly questioning Padilla’s administration of and fitness for his political office–SKDK labeled the Post as “misinformation,” and flagged the Post for the OEC to potentially target with its broad government powers….”

The text of the tweet, shared below, reads: “Audit every California ballot Election fraud is rampant nationwide and we all know California is one of the culprits Do it to protect the integrity of the state’s elections.”

Screenshot, Cernovich/Twitter

Here, again, with an example of “another Twitter user,” someone at the company named Kevin Kane fielded the “request” for removal. The requester, “Sam,” asks “Kevin” to look at the tweet he “reported through the partner portal,” claiming the tweet “is sharing a doctored image of a California Voter Registration Card [inaccurately claiming that the Republican Party is not an option].”

“Sam” continues, echoing the first page’s request:

We would like this tweet taken down ASAP to avoid the spread of election misinformation.

Screenshot, Cernovich/Twitter

This email was sent at 9:05 pm, and the document says the “misinformation” was “removed” by Twitter “before 8:00 am the next morning, which happened to be New Year’s Eve.”

Notice also, on the second page, tellingly, “Kevin” writes back to confirm that the offending “Tweet has been removed,” then after completing his “task” for the Democrat client, not only “thanks” him, but much like a clerk at a fast-food counter, implores: “Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything else we can do.”

I’m not exactly sure how else someone might read these documents, if they are legitimate, except that they seem to show a breathtaking level of coordination between members of one political party and a Big Tech company.

Another tech company, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, claims to have the same rules for all politicians, as I wrote about recently. Do you believe here, as I asked at the end of that piece, that Republican pols might be allowed access to this “rapid response” style “partner portal”? Does President Trump or Gov. Ron DeSantis have access to it? You know the answer to that already, reader, don’t you?

A brief note here: for anyone ready to criticize the use of “aid and comfort” in the headline — it connotes an enemy of the United States — and, in effect, the American people, I have two points.

As legal scholar and author, Professor Jonathan Turley pointed out back in January, if the turn of phrase is good enough for the Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, the area where Big Tech calls home, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

Secondly, I refuse to cower in calling the Left out for who and what they are. And neither should anyone else in the Conservative movement. They are the enemy, without question. They must be defeated — at the ballot box and in the hearts and souls of the American people. Here, they show plain enough — once again — they have no qualms about winning in any way they can.