Legacy Media Insists Facebook Will Now Treat Politicians Like Everyone Else

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By now, readers have likely heard how one tech company has chosen to handle the social media account of the man who worked in the White House as commander in chief for four years, up until January of this year. My colleague Alex Parker, while providing a nifty timeline of former President Donald Trump’s trials and tribulations with various social media entities after the January 6 Capitol event, wrote earlier this morning about the reasons Big Tech giant Facebook gave for keeping Trump off its platform for another two years.


And as a Reuters passage he quoted in his piece notes, that ban would only go through the midterm elections, ending in January ’23:

That timeline “denies Republican Trump a major social media megaphone ahead of the November 2022 congressional elections.”

Quite a coincidence, huh?

But practically lost in the shuffle and loud cheering by the Democrats’ legacy media friends was something else that came along with the extension news. Not that they didn’t rush out to spread the tidbit far and wide, too.

The New York Times was first to report it late Thursday, crowing in their headline and sub-headline that Facebook was getting serious, people, about these dastardly politicians, ending the “[h]ands-off approach” they’d used up to this point: (emphasis mine)

The social network, under pressure since barring former President Donald J. Trump, will no longer automatically give world leaders special treatment.

Mediaite had this:

“In Reversal, New Facebook Content Moderation Policy Will Treat Politicians the Same as All Users”

On the TV side of media, there were a couple of standouts, including this one from CNBC’s online site, which the outlet (curiously) categorized as a “Tech” story:

“Facebook reverses policy protecting politicians from engaging in harmful speech”


There’s also this from our friends at CNN Business (noticing a pattern?), who surprisingly managed to commit some journalism here by pointing out a few changes Facebook won’t be making:

The company is not reversing its controversial policy of exempting politicians from fact checking on its platform, a source familiar with the plan told CNN Business.

Facebook also said it will not follow through on an important recommendation from the Oversight Board, that it review Facebook’s role in fueling the false election fraud narratives and conspiracy theories that ultimately led to the violence at the US Capitol.

So, the same company that spent months fact-checking anything relating to the COVID-19, Chinese virus that concerned Americans wanted to share with their friends and family members — essentially wagging its finger at anything that countered the CDC’s and Dr. Fauci’s narrative — but that won’t happen for any of the favored few whom we’ve hired to represent us in governors’ mansions and in Washington, D.C. Seems legit.

One other thing: I refuse to believe that the next time AOC or Ilhan Omar (or name your anti-Semetic Squad member here) spouts off about how awful Israel is being to the poor, defenseless Palestinians, Facebook will take any action or make a peep. Or when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be okay with “subverting democracy,” or friend of Adam Schiff, Maher Bitar, as my colleague Streiff pointed out back in January, could continue to shill for terrorists as he was vetted by Congress for a national intelligence role in the Biden administration.


And if you buy any of that, there’s a bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, I would be happy to sell you.


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