WATCH: California Mayoral Candidate Has a Smart 'Community' Solution to #StopAsianHate

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The Left is adamant that any hateful act or word that happens in the country today is because of white supremacy or, you know, white people. As readers likely saw, the Democrats in Congress are on top of it, with their recent, anti-Asian Hate legislation passing, as just the latest in their woke virtue-signaling.


It’s true, though, that crimes against Asians are rising. My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell has widely reported on this in her RedState VIP column, In My Orbit, about Californians on the Right banding together to stamp out hatred in their state — and the numbers are not pretty on Asian hate crimes, especially in her neck of the woods in Southern California.

She wrote, in part:

The United States has seen an increase in violence against people of Asian descent starting last spring, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March of 2020, there have been over 100 reported episodes of what is perceived as race-based hate. This number may be even higher, as many of these types of crimes go unreported. The media immediately connected the March 16 violence at an Atlanta massage parlor to white supremacy. The perpetrator was a white male, and eight people, including six women of Asian descent, were killed.

Then just a few days back, a RedState guest editorial by conservative, California political activist and community organizer Marc Ang revealed that even when criminals are held to account when targeting Asians, the Dems in power in the Golden state have a bad habit of picking and choosing which victims get ‘justice’ and which ones don’t. (read Double Standards: #StopAsianHate While Los Angeles DA Policies Empower Hateful Criminals Targeting Asians?)


Marc wrote:

We have been shocked how the very simple solution of empowering law enforcement to address the crimes experienced by Asians is suddenly controversial. Instead, many seem to think that rallies and slogans and “criminal justice reform” will solve the problem.

Rule of law should not be political, yet, in this day and age, it is. The saddest part is that there’s an extra layer of racism happening.


Most importantly, for the Asian community, in LA County, hate crimes towards Asians have doubled. Yet, Gascon specifically declined to file hate crime enhancements, treating them as an ordinary crime.

You can find more coverage of conservatives and others fighting against this social scourge from these pages here, here, and here.

Now, a candidate for L.A. mayor, Kevin Dalton says he has the solution.

On Thursday, he shared a brief, Twitter video on his Twitter account (@NextLAMayor) of a violent encounter against an Asian man, who appeared to be simply sitting in his car…and it was reminiscent of a video my colleague Mike Miller wrote on last month, showing an older Asian man being beaten unconscious.

The original caption on the latest video, shared by @jackfrootnews Wednesday, read:

“A random citizen comes to the rescue and stops an attack on an elderly Asian man. Someone captured 3 women on camera beating and punching a man that is sitting inside his car. The community is calling this man a hero after he stepped in to stop the assault.”


Kevin shows “how we #StopAsianHate” — basically, people of every “color, religion, and sexual preference” standing up and saying, “No, this is not acceptable!”

He writes:

This is how we #StopAsianHate
Community defends community.
It isn’t about color, religion, or sexual preference.
It’s about seeing something wrong and putting an immediate stop to it.

Amen. “See something, say something.” It’s just common sense.


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