Here's Video of an Elderly Asian Man Being Stomped Unconscious You Won't See on CNN

Here's Video of an Elderly Asian Man Being Stomped Unconscious You Won't See on CNN
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We’re told by the left that the new “in” form of “racism” is against Asian Americans. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know “news” outlets like CNN — “The Most Trusted Name in News” or MSNBC — think “Joy Reid” — don’t want you to know “the rest of the story.”

I do. And I’m about to show you a short video that none of the above would touch with a proverbial 10-foot, hypocritical pole, much less condemn. That sad truth also applies to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Plugs™ Biden — along with the rest of the Democrat Party.

As The New York Post and multiple other news outlets reported, an elderly Asian man was randomly, brutally, and repeatedly stomped on the head in New York, Friday night. Before we stop by The Post, here’s a bit of how ABC News reported the incident, Saturday.

The incident unfolded Friday night at 8:20 p.m. on the corner of Third Avenue and E.125th Street in Manhattan.

The individual then “kicked the victim multiple times in the head” and fled on foot, police said.

That report is accurate. It’s also incomplete.

Here’s video of the incident, ironically, in this case tweeted by ABC News New York affiliate reporter Cefaan Kim, a former U.S. Army Reserve sergeant.

“61-year-old Asian man in critical condition after he was struck in the back, knocked down, head stomped on repeatedly. 3rd Ave & E 125 St in East Harlem Friday 8:20pm. Bus driver called police.”

NYPD Hate Crimes is investigating the crime, accordingly, Kim noted.

I have mixed emotions about the whole “hate crime” thing, but if there ever was one, that attack could be on the cover of “Hate Crime Weekly,” could it not?

Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime because the suspect “zeroed in on the victim before pouncing.” The NYPD described the assailant as a “dark-skinned man,” who was last seen wearing a black jacket, black pants, white sneakers, and a multi-colored baseball cap.

As The Post reported, the attacker relentlessly kicked his helpless victim at least six times, then casually walked away as the victim lay motionless on the sidewalk, as a steady stream of cars passed by. EMS transported the unidentified man — who suffered severe head trauma — to Harlem Hospital, where he is listed in critical but stable condition.

“Ironically,” here’s a similar report from the end of March.

Let Me Clear About What I’m Saying and Not Saying

I am not suggesting that all “race-related” crimes carried out against Asian Americans are committed exclusively by one race or another. Not even close.

What I am suggesting is the Democrat Party and lapdog liberal media would have you believe that the majority of “hate crimes” against Asian Americans are committed by white people. Hopefully, in the twisted minds of the left, by white cops. Then again, the aforementioned would also have you believe that all race-related crimes or necessary police actions against people of color are committed exclusively by white people.

And by all means, condemning black assailants for committing crimes against Asian Americans, based solely on race, in those twisted minds? Or reporting on black-on-black gun violence? Like holy water to a vampire.

Look, when an enraged and out-of-control, 16-year-old black girl with a knife, a split second from stabbing another black girl in chest, neck, or face is excused by MSNBC’s resident race-baiting lunatic Joy Reid as “having a bad day,” or some other lunatic dismisses the event as “just another knife fight,” you know, that “kids” have every now and then?

The crazy train left the station a long time ago, gang. And it’s not coming back.

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