Arizona Gov. Ducey Faces off Against Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group — and Doesn't Blink

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey appears have developed a conservative backbone after all, based on his recent orders rescinding local mask mandates, re-opening in-person learning, and scrapping the other onerous goverment interventions inspired by the Chinese virus in the Grand Canyon state, as I shared back in March.


And it couldn’t come soon enough, it appears. My colleague Nick Arama wrote in an earlier piece Wednesday about the anti-Second Amendment, Biden Administration executive orders barreling towards law-abiding, gun-clinging Americans tomorrow.

Now, Gov. Ducey has stared down the dark money, activist arm of the Democrat party. He didn’t blink. The Associated Press reported:

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Tuesday that aims to prohibit police and sheriffs from enforcing federal gun laws that violate the 2nd Amendment.

Backers say it would ensure that the rights of gun owners are protected from what they say is the potential for overreach by President Joe Biden’s administration. Critics say it will undermine the rule of law and discourage law enforcement officers from enforcing federal gun laws to protect the public. They also say it’s an unconstitutional measure that will cost taxpayers to defend in court.

Gun control advocates from Everytown for Gun Safety delivered petitions earlier Tuesday urging Ducey to reject the legislation, HB2111.

Briefly, the governor’s bill is designed to stop in its tracks anything the Biden administration might do, either by executive fiat Thursday or with the blessing of congressional Democrats later, on gun control. And as the AP story reported – ever so quietly – in the last paragraph, Everytown for Gun Safety did their darndest to try to get Ducey to revert to his squishy ways with petitions they presented to his office Tuesday.


Oh yeah, let’s talk about Everytown for a moment.

As readers may know, that’s the Michael Bloomberg-founded and funded activist group that sprang up like a poisonous mushroom after the Newtown tragedy. The Hill reported, just weeks before the 2020 election, that the group had hard-left activists fanned out across the country in key battleground states, at least $4.5 million worth, to press senators to pass universal background check legislation …and it appears their backers have continued to pour money and effort into their ground game on that. And it isn’t just one group in the mob.

Here’s the group’s latest post (20 hours ago, at the time of this writing) to Facebook.

It reads, in part: (emphasis mine)

Day one of our new Road Trip for Background Checks is in the books!

Over the course of the next nine days, groups of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Students Demand Action volunteers, gun violence survivors, gun owners, veterans, and faith leaders from across the country will be making more than 60 stops in 22 states to decorate a mural and collect messages, mementos, and letters to be delivered in-person to senators on Capitol Hill to urge them to pass background checks legislation now.

From coast to coast, we’re summoning the might of our entire grassroots network to send a message loud and clear to the U.S. Senate: now is the time for more than thoughts and prayers to prevent gun violence. Now is the time for action, and it starts with background checks.


No reasonable person can read this and believe progressivism isn’t a secular religion; nine days of proselytizing on the evils of gun ownership is a pilgrimage, not a political agenda. And they don’t hide the fact that they despise your Bible, as well as your guns.

It boils down to this, readers: it’s no secret the Left will not stop pouring millions of dollars into their efforts, and neither should our side on things we care about protecting — including our God-given rights and the Constitution. Good to see Gov. Ducey, and other Republican executives, hearing and acting on that reality.

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