AOC Recites a 'Socialist' Wish List on Twitter—If It Sounds Familiar, There's a Good Reason

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It’s now been over a week since the country headed to the polls, but Americans continue to wait with optimism and bated breath for every legal vote to be counted in the 2020 elections. As we do that, there seems to be a cacophony of demands aimed at the much-diminished caucus shepherded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—and some of the more ornery sheep are getting restless.


On Twitter Friday night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a member of the Squad made up of radical progressives in the House, recited a virtual, Socialist wish list, while griping that she and her comrades haven’t gotten their way yet.

She wrote:

Can we please get people stimulus checks and mortgage relief and rent forgiveness and small business support and free testing and hazard pay and healthcare for the uninsured (& underinsured) in the middle of a pandemic or is that too socialist too?

Right away, one problem with this tweet is obvious. Every single item on the list (except socialized medicine) has been blocked from getting out of the House and into the Senate by AOC’s own Speaker (the embattled Pelosi is clinging desperately to the role, at least for the moment).

I also took issue with the way it was phrased:

And there was the small matter of self-dignity that was missing from Ocasio-Cortez’s whining (and, to be helpful, I wrote the word en Espagnol):


But there’s one last thing that makes Ocasio-Cortez’s words seem very familiar. For me, it smacks of the dishonest way former President Barack Obama used to speak as if he were still a community organizer back on the streets of Southside, Chicago, not the Leader of the Free World. It’s pretending that you’re down with the struggle, that you’re suggesting solutions that are bottom-up, instead of the top-down, misguided solutions they really are—the kind that have left people worse off than they found them, everywhere they’ve been tried.

The problem with leftist politicians like Obama and AOC is that they’ll do anything they can to pretty up the dangerous and destructive ideas they want to impose on the country. Notice how Ocasio-Cortez tries to make a joke of the word ‘socialism’ here, pretending that her aims are common-sense measures that everyone can agree with. But, just like Barack Obama, AOC knows exactly what she’s really saying.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather…


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