Prominent Conservative Voices Are Swiftly Getting Suspended by Twitter; the Reason They Give Is Insane

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In the wake of the Biden-Harris ticket getting crowned by the most of the legacy media and the establishment pundit class seemingly within hours as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Twitter has been busy playing arbiter of who gets to decide what’s true and false — while looking more and more like a news/broadcast platform than the social media platform it claims to be.


Many RedState readers have by now heard about Mark Levin, syndicated radio show host and the host of Fox News’ “Life Liberty And Levin,” getting his posts “throttled” by social media juggernaut Facebook recently.

Now, since Election Day, posts like the ones below have started popping up about prominent voices in conservatism getting 86’d by Twitter. And the names boggle the mind.

As you can see, one of those voices caught in this situation is David Limbaugh, a syndicated political columnist and author of Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win. (Coincidentally, he’s also the brother of Rush Limbaugh.)


In an exclusive interview via email, David spoke to me about how his 12-hour suspension came about on Sunday. He shared an image of this article from about the irregularities in the 2020 election ballots, titled “Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law (Mathematics),” which he tweeted out over the weekend:

Here’s the “offending” tweet:

David told me how he was notified by Twitter:

They said I had violated Twitter rules.

I checked which rules and they said it had to do with posting nudity. That was a total lie. I had no way to appeal it until the 12 hour suspension was up. They sent me an email saying I could reactivate my account if I would delete the offending tweet or I could appeal, so I did, telling them there was no nudity.

I discovered that other people had been suspended for posting the same content, apparently because it shows statistical irregularities in Biden’s votes.

I refused to let this go because I didn’t want them to be able to say I conceded a violation of the rules about posting nudity of all things. So, though they didn’t contact me they silently reinstated my account.


Here’s the rules page he was directed to:

And here was his notification about the remaining 10 hours of the 12-hour suspension:


As an aside, David noted that he doesn’t exactly subscribe to what some random, Twitter commenters might see as a Chinese gossip site, but “[he] just saw it from someone else and tweeted it because [he] thought it looked interesting.” I reckon that’s how most of us use Twitter, right?

Meanwhile, Evan Sayet is still in a quandary over what exactly happened to his Twitter account. He’s the author of The Woke Supremacy and The KinderGarden Of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks And Why He’s Convinced That Ignorance Is Bliss, the latter based on a Heritage Foundation speech which the late, happy warrior Andrew Breitbart once hailed as “one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given.”

Evan told me by email that he heard through the grapevine that “Twitter suspended people who retweeted Benford’s law,” which he did. He also told me that while he believes he was suspended on Saturday, the status of his account remains in limbo.

“They’ve given me neither an explanation nor an amount of time (or if it might be permanent). They only supply a link that says ‘Learn More’ which, when I click, sends me to a rather generic ‘Help’ page.”

What exactly is this nefarious Benford’s law? According to mathematics resource site Wolfram Mathworld, it’s


A phenomenological law also called the first digit law, first digit phenomenon, or leading digit phenomenon.

Benford’s law states that in listings, tables of statistics, etc., the digit 1 tends to occur with probability ∼30%, much greater than the expected 11.1% (i.e., one digit out of 9). Benford’s law can be observed, for instance, by examining tables of logarithms and noting that the first pages are much more worn and smudged than later pages (Newcomb 1881).

While Benford’s law unquestionably applies to many situations in the real world, a satisfactory explanation has been given only recently through the work of Hill (1998).

After Mark Levin got fed up with the harassment by Facebook and ongoing machinations against conservatives by Twitter, on Sunday he threw down the gauntlet and urged listeners and followers to ditch Twitter and follow him at Parler. The broadcaster hinted that he might also leave Facebook, which he’s been vocal about on-air, after he said the site censored and made the content he posts on his wall less available in users’ feeds. He told listeners he’ll no longer respond to comments on the social media site.

Like Mark, Evan invited his followers on his Facebook account to begin following him at an alternate site called MeWe, a social media platform similar to Facebook.


As I was writing this piece, there was word that RedState editor in chief Streiff has been suspended for 12 hours by Twitter, for, as he said, “calling an idiot an idiot.”

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but it’s sadly true. If it can happen to major conservative thought-leaders like David Limbaugh, Evan Sayet, and RedState’s own Streiff, it can happen to any one of us. And they won’t blink an eye. As David wrote in the conclusion of his email, “These are real Stalinists we’re talking about.”


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