Rush Limbaugh Says Trump Will Hold 'Largest Virtual Rally' On-Air Today

Rush Limbaugh Says Trump Will Hold 'Largest Virtual Rally' On-Air Today
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It’s go-time!

All President Trump apparently needed to hear was an A-OK from Sean Conley, his doctor, to resume campaign events for the home stretch of the 2020 election; a letter, released on Thursday, explained that Trump “has completed the course of treatment for COVID-19” POTUS’s team of doctors had prescribed for him since he was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus last week.

In fact, Conley writes that, since the president has responded so well to treatment, he can return to in-person events Saturday.


U.S. President Donald Trump’s physician said on Thursday that the president had completed his course of therapy for the coronavirus, had remained stable since returning to the White House, and could return to public engagements on Saturday.

Dr. Sean Conley said in a memo released by the White House that Trump had responded “extremely well” to treatment.

You’ve got to bet that was music to Trump’s ears. Because look what he already has lined up…

The president got right down to business (literally) Thursday, in his first interview since COVID forced him to spend time at Walter Reed Medical Center, again directly speaking over the media’s filter and on point about the “debate” – the townhall event which the Elections Commission switcheroo-ed the details on at the last minute – with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

Then on Thursday evening, the president joined Sean Hannity on his Fox News show, as he did last Friday, via phone.

But,  as you’ve likely heard by now, the main event is today; He’ll be appearing on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, starting at 12 noon EDT. Here’s how Rush announced it, during a taped message, on his show Thursday:

A Rush radio listener (and big fan of Pres. Trump’s) heard the full show live, and told me that Limbaugh’s announcement was played at the beginning of the show, as well as at the top of each hour. Glenn said, “It started each hour and the beginning. I think it repeated and was a single unvarying message.” And it appears to be a longer recording than what’s shared above.

He explained: “Rush’s recording started with praise for Mike Pence’s debate performance. He talked about [Rush’s cancer] doctor’s orders for bed rest. He then mentioned the largest rally in radio history for tomorrow before the recording ended.”

Rush’s on-air wingman, Bo Snerdley, shared more details on the program on Twitter, while thanking guest host Mark Steyn for his help while Rush recuperates from cancer treatments this week:

Here’s the thing: Rush proposed this about a week ago, as astute listeners may know.

It’s not clear, though, what the president means here by “and guests.” Pres. Trump may have given listeners an inside baseball clue that more surprises are in store than advertised.

But he’s not finished then. Trump hops onto syndicated radio host and Fox News host Mark Levin’s radio show at 6 EDT for a 30-minute segment:

After Levin, the president returns to the Fox News airwaves for his first, on-air sit-down since contracting the China virus, in an interview with Dr. Marc Siegel, according to Mediaite. He’ll do a “medical evaluation”? Okay…

Of course, in what has to be an attempt to outdo their folly over “The Fly” and descent into total madness on “mansplaining” during the vice presidential debate, as well as the botched reporting on the presidential doctors’ press conferences last week, the dishonest media wrote this headline about POTUS’s visit with El Rushbo Friday:

Trump to host a “virtual rally” on Rush Limbaugh show after dismissing idea of a virtual debate

As Sleepy Joe might say, “Come on, man!”

Update [10/9/20, 11:16 am EDT]: The Media Research Center (MRC) is reporting that the president will also be taking live phone calls during Rush’s show.

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