Nurse-Turned-Schoolmarm Blasts Americans in Reopening States, But a Giggle-Worthy One-Min TikTok Leaves Them Laughing


Maybe the Wuhan coronavirus has started making otherwise sane people crazy. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for the latest video from a Texas nurse who sounds more like a schoolmarm than the highly-trained, medical professional she is.


In the 10-second video on video platform TikTok, which has gone viral, the nurse anesthetician asks what sounds to me like a trick question: “Is the hair appointment so you can look good while you’re in the casket — or is the hair appointment so you can look good when you show up to someone else’s funeral that you gave COVID?”

Storyful, via Yahoo! News UK, shared some insight into the clip:

A nurse in League City, Texas, near Houston, warned people about visiting reopened businesses like hair salons while the coronavirus pandemic was ongoing, a video posted April 24 shows.

Shanetra Hodge-Hill, a nurse anesthetist at University of Texas Medical Branch, recorded the video with her twin sister and colleague ahead of businesses reopening in states like Georgia and Oklahoma.

It’s not a huge surprise, since its sentiment fits right in with the yukfest on social media… since a few days ago, when President Trump supposedly told millions of Americans to inject themselves with Chlorox bleach:

And explain to me like I’m a five-year-old how this move by the NAACP is at all helpful:

Now, I’m no expert in medicine or anything, and I’m a huge fan of free speech, but the nurse’s TikTok vid sounds like a copycat of what the media has been spewing about the danger of states like Georgia reopening — as shared by our sister site, PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox:


Besides, this is what’s really happening in another state in the same mindset, Colorado, with their “Safer at Home” policy:

But what the naysayers couldn’t have expected was something so funny, people are practically latching onto it — just so they wouldn’t fall down laughing.

Something we all need right now, right?

A hearty hat tip to our friends at the Right Scoop for this giggle-worthy, TikTok video,

Which shows a couple of people acting out and lip-synching to the White House Coronavirus Task Force press conference, with President Trump talking about UV light, disinfectants, et cetera.


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