MOTR, Ep. 41: The Hidden Open Borders' Tolls That Joe Biden Is Desperate to Hide

Joe Biden finds his short work-week schedules simply too packed with one, maybe two, events a day to enable him to visit and focus attention on the festering open border problem with Mexico.

The same goes for Vice President What’s-Her-Name who used to aggressively prosecute drug crimes as California’s attorney general.

The real reason for their public inattention to this serious far-reaching crisis that will rumble through the county’s life for years to come is they don’t really want to do anything about it. And when Arizona started building its own wall, Biden’s lawyers sued to stop the attempt to stop the illegal influx.

The president does not want to call attention to how seriously he’s screwed up the situation since entering office and reversing many of Donald Trump’s policies, including the border calm he had imposed.

Now, the Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a report on its border seizures of just fentanyl. The numbers are astounding — enough to kill every American just in the last 11 months.

And that’s only what they found.

The U.S. overdose death toll is soaring, now more than our total traffic fatalities, suicides, and gun deaths.

But don’t worry. Biden is heading off on another vacation to build drama as if he hasn’t already decided to inflict a second term on America when he’s turned 82.

I have some heated thoughts and more data in this week’s audio op-ed.

Last week’s audio commentary proved quite popular. I looked at the strange things going on in Donald Trump’s early presidential campaign.

This week’s column examines the virulent hypocrisy of the dark-comedy team of Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

The intriguing and refreshing campaign of Elon Musk to reinvent Twitter continues to, well, intrigue and infuriate the Left, as my RedState colleagues cover copiously here and here and here.

And with sad predictability, Republicans are feuding among themselves as Jan. 3 and the new Congress near to deliver control of the House of Representatives once again to the GOP.

Oh, and Rand Paul speaks out.


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