MOTR, Ep. 37: A Tale of Thanksgiving as Taught by a Little Dog With No Tail

His ears always made me smile. They usually flopped. And they would bounce when he bounded.

But sometimes for reasons I never knew, he would stand just one up, as if he was only half-listening.

This is an enduring story of thanks for Thanksgiving Weekend. And it’s built around and caused by a little rescue dog named Jamie, who made our lives so much richer just by being.

I hope you listened to this week’s Thanksgiving commentary above. You heard me promise in it to put a link here to a previous post of mine on the life of little Jamie. Here it is.

I found the most recent audio commentary rather shocking. It seems Joe Biden’s administration has spent more than one billion taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan AFTER his botched troop withdrawal and evacuation.

On what, you might ask?

He won’t say. Both the State and Treasury Departments are stonewalling questions from a special inspector general created by Congress years ago to monitor government expenditures there.

The Democrat Congress is doing nothing about it. This is one very good reason why voters should not give one political party total control of Washington, as they did in 2020.

That’s changed now, to take effect in early January. Stand by for hearings on Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling business dealings and their apparent financial connections to the “Big Guy.”

This week’s column was on the outlook for the 2024 presidential race and the elephant in the Republican Party’s room, Donald Trump. He says he’s running.

And he has that right. Trump maintains a loyal base of party supporters, though the recent midterm results would seem to indicate that the crowd and his influence have melted somewhat. The former president will need to compete in primaries against other younger and more qualified candidates, who gained their experience thanks to him.

Should be interesting — and revealing.

The Twitter saga continues as Elon Musk takes over and reforms that modern phenomenon. I find these social evolutions fascinating to observe. And yes, I do use Twitter a lot. Join me here. We have some good conversations.

(Finally, a wee holiday bonus: The Babylon Bee’s take on that saga: “Taliban quits Twitter, saying it no longer feels safe under Musk.”)


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