MOTR Ep. 27: Why We're Just About Queened out Over Elizabeth's Funeral

Although my entire family was Canadian, I have not been a fan of British royalty. I am, instead, a fan of certain members of British royalty.

Princess Diana, for instance. I found her to be one of the most intriguing people on the public stage in my lifetime. And I was struck when she died.

I am, thus, not a fan of her ex, Charles, who became king the other day. What a treat she would have been as a queen, whatever her title.

He’s not my king, so I was prepared to ignore him, as he ignores me. Then, came this disappointing video clip of him arriving to give his first speech to his realm, which I mention in this week’s commentary.

It was an excellent speech. This arrival not so much,

You can watch the video of that arrival and decide for yourself.

Now, here’s this week’s commentary on royals and Americans:

The most recent audio commentary on Americans not really listening to each other so much anymore. Which is more serious in the functioning of our democracy than appears at first sight.

And this week’s column on how the media manufactures narrative themes when it can’t find any real news to report.

Finally, my heartiest recommendation that if you have even the slightest interest in Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian invasion, you check the regular updates from my colleague streiff .

He’s a veteran Army officer, so his detailed, nuanced analysis, collections of news, and combat videos are the best I’ve found anywhere. Here.  Here. And here.


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