Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 17: Americans Fight Back Against Lying Media

(Ikuo Tatsumi/Kyodo News via AP)

Media — originally just print but now, by extension, all kinds — were deemed so important to the new country by our Founding Fathers that they wrote special protections into our first documents.

Sad to say, very few of today’s media have lived up to the Fathers’ trust or their enshrined responsibilities. And that’s destroyed much of their credibility.

Now comes encouraging evidence that finally, after years of abusing their trust, the country’s information media are beginning to experience the most effective kind of pressure that American citizens can exert, through the marketplace.

Here are my brief thoughts on that hopeful new movement.

Here’s the most recent Malcolm on the Right audio commentary.

And my most recent Sunday column on what it’s like watching our president attempt to perform his amateur act on the White House stage and, worse, overseas for the world to see. These columns appear here every Sunday at 1:15 p.m. Eastern.

Biden is going abroad again this coming week to ask Saudi Arabia to help solve the expensive U.S. gas shortage that Biden created at home. Can you say “chutzpah” in Arabic?

Also, here is my top post of the week, a revealing twist on the largest withdrawal ever of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve that was intended only for genuine energy emergencies.

Joe Biden’s announced goal was to slash gas prices that angry U.S. voters — I mean, drivers — have been paying at the pump.

The disturbing problem, however, is that much of that precious oil stockpile drawdown is getting shipped abroad for foreign drivers. Our commander in chief hopes that will perhaps somehow reduce prices stateside — in time to save his party in the midterm elections that loom on Nov. 8.

Finally, something completely different: My Love of Spam.

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