Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 13: Biden's Allowing Deadly Fentanyl in With All His Illegal Immigrants

Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 13: Biden's Allowing Deadly Fentanyl in With All His Illegal Immigrants
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If Congress and our lapdog media were as alert to presidential missteps and lies by Joe Biden as they were for the mean tweeter, you could make an easy argument for the goof’s impeachment, so derelict has he been in so many important areas of his responsibility.

One of them, of course, is his destruction of our southern border with Mexico, which has, in effect, invited hundreds of thousands of border-breakers in.

The administration has even kindly transported thousands of them to inland cities across the country where they become untraceable. The odds of them reappearing in time for future elections, however, seem overwhelming.

What we’ve just learned now is a little-noticed deadly impact of this vast human influx: Also flowing across the welcoming border are tons of illegal drugs, primarily fentanyl, an artificial opioid that’s 100 times more lethal than morphine.

Much of it originated in China where Joe Biden helped son Hunter obtain lucrative investments.

We know these grim numbers because the CDC just released drug overdose death numbers for 2021. Those lost American lives totaled almost 108,000, a 15 percent increase over 2020, which was a 30 percent increase over 2019.

Last year’s overdose deaths were larger than the entire populations of Roanoke, Virginia or Burbank, Calif.

Media tries to blame this record surge in overdose deaths on the pandemic. But wait! The real question is: How’d so many illicit drugs become so widely available in this country in the first place? I’m waiting for Biden to blame this on Putin too.

Here are my thoughts:

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