Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 9: Joe Biden Ponders a New Outrage for His Resume

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For a very long time, every American president had some military-service experience. Harry Truman served in World War I, for Pete’s sake. Dwight Eisenhower was in both the world wars.

Being a service veteran has a way of attuning a person to the difficulties, joys, sacrifices, disabilities, and lasting pains of serving your country. However, four of the last five presidents, including the current commander in chief, had no such military experience.

In fact, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has written that Biden has an innate suspicion and distrust of the military, which he was constantly reminding Barack Obama about. (And was the only vote against sending Seal Team 6 after Osama bin Laden.)

This helps explain Biden’s defiance of the Pentagon’s advice to keep some troops in Afghanistan to protect the evacuation last summer. Biden refused. They had to send back in three times as many troops with disastrous results and lethal consequences for 13 U.S. service personnel.

This photo above shows Biden checking his watch again, eager for the memorial arrival for the bodies to be over.

As one result of some recent presidents, attention to the after-care needs of service veterans has often lagged.

Now, Joe Biden is pondering an outrageous new policy: He wants to siphon money appropriated for veterans’ care and spend it instead on the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens he has encouraged, allowed, and seeded throughout the country.

That’s not “misspeaking.”

Here’s my take:

Here’s last week’s commentary.

And last week’s column in which I point out that Joe Biden’s alleged effort to combat what he considers disinformation is not only Orwellian but blatant disinformation itself designed to control well-deserved criticism of his many flops.

Given reports of a serious Vladimir Putin ailment and need for surgery, I also took a deep dive into the little-known but fascinating history of leadership transitions in the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation.

Hint: It’s bloody. How will the next one go?

My RedState colleagues have chronicled the Big Guy’s latest flops here and here. Oh, and this one is rich. The malfunctioning relationship between Biden and his disappointingly, patronizing hand-picked political partner.

And then, of course, the delicious drama over Twitter’s new ownership.

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