Find a Bigger Lie Than 'The Adults Are Back in Charge'

Joe Biden mumbles through another speech. (Screenshot credit: Townhallcom Twitter)

Find me a bigger lie than “The adults are back in charge.”

America was gaslit. A willing legacy media, in conjunction with social media media oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg, sold America on the myth that Joe Biden was the man who would “right the ship.” While Biden hid in his basement, media assured us Biden would tack “back to center.” We were assured that Biden was a “centrist.” Media showed cheering crowds and crying women, all rejoicing, not at the end of WWII but at the election of Joe Biden. I have (leftist) friends who posted a video on Facebook — all of them popping Champagne. We were told that once “good old Joe” took the oath of office, the adults would be back in charge. It was a pernicious lie.


Shortly after taking the oath, Biden started dismantling progress made at the southern border and signing executive orders  Why? Because Trump. Trump’s order on insulin was paused; Biden’s team then, months later, reinstated pretty much the same order, and took credit for it.  When Addled In Chief Mistake-Machine took office, we quickly learned that, as his former boss Barack Obama mused, no one should underestimate Joe’s ability to  f*** things up.

Whatever his handlers have touched have turned into disasters. Afghanistan, the economy, and southern border are just three. His team, mostly consisting of Obama retreads, holdovers, and sycophants were willing to push policy positions that even Obama knew would be equally bad policy and political suicide.

On Thursday morning, Chief of Staff Ron Klain spun a ruinous, first quarter GDP report with a 1.4 percent decline, with a cherry-picked sentence from a NY Times article, to lie about the bad news and spin it as “good news.”


We are in the worst inflation cycle in 40 years, yet Biden spins it as “temporary’ and “transitory”.

His Vice President is, hands down, the worst politician in any of our lifetimes. She’s a living malaprop – a human word salad. From faking a French accent to her most recent speech to Space Force soldiers where she addressed them like they were a kindergarten class. Harris is a disaster. Everyone knows it. Harris was inarguably a diversity pick.  She was chosen for a job based, on neither qualifications nor ability but on the color her skin. America got cackling Kamala Harris instead of an effective leader. Her staff has bailed like rats from a sinking ship.

Biological male Rachel Levine was picked as the “first female Admiral” in HHS. Why? Levin is transgender; Levin was a diversity pick.

The guy who couldn’t fix potholes in the tiny city of South Bend was tapped to be Transportation Secretary. Why? Another diversity pick. Mayor Pete is gay, and incompetent.

Our military is now driven, in large part, by a push for “diversity and inclusion.” The effort isn’t organic; it’s driven by raw numbers. Too many white guys in Special Forces? Force a change. Too few women are able to meet fitness requirement – lower the standards. Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley is, apparently, more interested in studying  “white rage” than preparing to win a war. And with Biden’s call to turn “every vehicle” into “green machines,” unless we fight the next war next to massive banks of charging stations, we aren’t going to win anything beyond a second-place ribbon.


Biden’s own messaging is bad enough. The president of the United States gets ordered around by Easter Bunnies and his wife. When he manages to speak, it’s usually in need of White House “Joe-speak” interpreter to tell us what he “really meant.” Thursday morning, Biden’s brain broke, again.

Biden’s chief propagandist Jen Psaki will be leaving soon, where she’ll lie for less prestige but for a lot more money. When she wasn’t lying about inflation, policy, voting rights, or what her boss said, she was crying over Florida not allowing 5-year-olds to be brainwashed about gender by a blue-haired loon. In her spare time, she was teaming with a dude sporting two-inch nails and wearing a dress, to “get the message out.” About what is still a mystery.

The left is still screaming about “The Big Lie.” But Trump isn’t the president; he doesn’t run the Administration — Biden does or at least the puppeteers do. The big lie all of America is paying for is the falsehood that the “adults are back in charge.”

At least the left can claim one victory. No mean tweets.



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