Los Angeles Teachers Set to Strike Later This Week

The average salary for a teacher in the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) is $75,000. As early as Thursday, these teachers are set to strike, leaving as many as 600,000 students in the lurch.


Negotiations between the union and and teachers stalled Monday. United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo-Pearl told NBC News on Monday that a strike is looking increasingly likely.

We were surprised the district came in with so little to offer. Unless something changes, there will be a strike in the city of L.A.

LAUSD offered to add 1,000 educators and increase funding for class size reductions and additional counselors, nurses, and librarians at a cost of $100 million. They pointed out that a strike only harms families.

A strike would harm the students and families we serve and will not help resolve the issues our District faces.

The union is accusing the district of hoarding resources that need to be spent to serve students better, while the district says this is not the case. “The notion that we’re hoarding reserves” district superintendent Austin Beutner said in a press conference Monday “We’re spending all we have in service of our students.”

As with any strike, the most economically vulnerable students will be hurt the most. These students are the most behind academically, according to LA School Report, and parents are already struggling with meeting basic needs such as childcare if school should be closed. With 82 percent of students in the district living in poverty, this could be a disaster for families.

Planning for a strike, the LA Transit Authority has said that students will be allowed to ride the Metro for free during a strike and the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County will offer free admission to all students and their chaperones as well.


L.A. County Supervisor and Metro Board Chair Sheila Kuehl said:

LAUSD is the country’s second largest school district with more than 600,000 students. At Metro, we want to help those kids who may be staying home from school because of the strike find constructive and educational ways to spend their time. Free Metro access will help make it easier for students and their families to get to parks, museums, libraries and other facilities.

Let’s revisit that number from the beginning. The average salary for a teacher in this district is $75,000. They work 9 months a year (yes, they work some in the summer to prepare for the upcoming year, but they also have breaks during that 9 months, so let’s call it about even, shall we?). For a regular, 12-month job, the amount that the average LAUSD teacher makes per month would work out to be be a six-figure salary. $100,000 per year.

Do they need to be going on strike, hitting vulnerable families the hardest?


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