Nine Year-Old Gets Dumb Nanny State Law Overturned

A round of applause, please, for nine year-old Dane Best, who got a ridiculous law overturned in the town of Severance, Colorado. Almost 100 years ago, the town banned snowball fights, and Best wasn’t going to take it anymore.


When Best found out earlier this autumn that snowball fights were illegal in his town, he decided to do something about it. His logic is sound, as he told The Greeley Tribune:

I think it’s an outdated law. I want to be able to throw a snowball without getting in trouble.

Why is it illegal? Because there’s a town ordinance making it illegal to throw or shoot stones or missiles. Severance considers snowballs to be missiles. When school kids go on tours of the Severance Town Hall and lets them in on this glimpse of the nanny state at work. The mayor or town board members who give the tours try to empower the kids by telling them they have the power to get the law changed but, until Best, none of them has accepted the challenge.

Best took up a letter writing campaign with his classmates, then presented his reasons for wanting to overturn the ban at a town board meeting Monday night. The board voted unanimously to overturn the ban.

Our young hero has always lived on the edge of the law anyway. He has a guinea pig, which is also illegal in Severance.

Learn a lesson from this nine year-old and make your community a better place. Dare I say- make it Best?


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