Public School Textbook Teaches Overtly Anti-Trump, Pro-Leftist "Curriculum"

When you send your kids to school in the morning, do you think they’re learning the basics, or do you think they’re being indoctrinated into a political worldview?


Just kidding. At this point, you probably know they’re being indoctrinated into a political worldview. Silly question.

However, what you might not expect is for it to be quite as blatant as what can be found in this Advanced Placement edition of “By the People: A History of the United States,” and is copyrighted 2019.

Trump’s supporters saw the vote as a victory for the people who, like themselves, had been forgotten in a fast-changing America–a mostly older, often rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white group. Clinton’s supporters feared that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country, discomfort with their candidate’s gender, and nostalgia for an earlier time in the nation’s history. They also worried about the mental instability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation.

The book also says:

Whatever people’s opinions, on January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. The inner circle of his advisors seemed to represent a mix of some deeply ideological conservatives, traditional politicians, and his family. His cabinet nominees were mostly highly successful business leaders who had made their fortunes and were now joining the team of another unusually successful businessman. They were largely white males, more so than any presidential cabinet since Ronald Reagan.


It also mischaracterizes the Ferguson, Missouri shooting that started the Black Lives Matter movement.

There are no conservative parents out there – no Republican parents or Christian parents or just, you know, average parents – who don’t know at this point that public schools are shoving a left-wing world view down their kids throats. Usually it’s done a little more gingerly, with a little more camouflage, the better to make it seem like simply the way things are as opposed to the way the teacher’s bias makes him or her see it. (Sorry, I forgot. They probably don’t want your kids to know about the words “him” or “her” anymore, either.)

What is amazing here is how in the open it is. When it comes to Trump, they don’t have to hide it. The only thing you have to hide about Trump in a public school is if your parents voted for him.

So the next time you ask “hey kids, what did you learn in school today?” don’t be surprised if their answer comes in the form of a #Resistance protest sign.


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