5 Videos to Learn More About Pearl Harbor Day

FILE - In this Dec. 7, 1941 file photo, the destroyer USS Shaw explodes after being hit by bombs during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the attack that brought the United States into World War II. (AP File Photo)

Fellow RedStater Dan Spencer wrote this morning about Pearl Harbor Day, the Day of Infamy. Obviously, you’ve already read that. Obviously.

Here are 5 videos you should watch to understand more about that day, what those men and women experienced, and what it meant for the world.

The History Channel walks us through the event:

Original newsreel footage of the Pearl Harbor Bombing:


President Roosevelt’s Speech declaring War on Japan:

Newsreel footage of the first U.S. Air Raid on Tokyo and Japan after Pearl Harbor:

PBS dove deep into the ocean to look at the wreckage of the USS Arizona in 2016: