Record Applications for Boston Charter Schools

Last evening, the charter school lottery took place in Boston, and competition for these coveted seats is stiffer than ever. “You want the best for your kids but it’s a lottery,” said parent Breanna Manora. “So really it’s all luck.”After Massachusetts voters refused to raise the cap on charter schools, but the campaigns served to raise awareness of charter schools. The National Review attributes Boston’s record-high charter school applications, more than double the number of previous applications, due to this raised awareness and a single online application to all schools.

While, last year, 13,000 students were vying for spaces in the city’s 2,100 available seats spread across 16 charter schools. That number is up to 35,000 this year. The lottery was held last night, when Boston’s families will find out if their child will gain admittance. Parents waited anxiously, with some parents like Heureuse Etinne getting good news. “I’m really grateful and so happy,” she said. “She’s been accepted.” Meanwhile, grandparent Nydia Mendez felt the disappointment of not getting a place for her students. “Not good, it’s not going to happen for him,” she said.

It is almost certain that the issue of removing or raising the charter cap will come up again. Perhaps, next time, voters will choose to open the opportunity to more children.