Iconic Christian University Asks Students to Pick From Nine Gender Identities

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These days, gender identity is everywhere. Take, for example, the goings-on at DePaul University.

As relayed by The College Fix, the school’s Campus Connect student portal allows enrollees to choose among not seven, not eight, but nine labels.


Take your contemporary pick:

There’s also a checkbox for “I do not wish to self-identify.”

It’s an interesting collection — what’s the difference between #8 and #9?

“Intersex” is not an identity, but rather a physical condition.

And “cisgender” means nothing if not specified as male or female, which are already their own options.

We’re living in revolutionary times; not long ago, there was no such thing as gender identity. With regard to male and female, society hosted only distinctions of sex.

But recently, it’s been decided we all need an added layer of ID — one that has never existed anywhere before.

As we progress, it seems society would become more streamlined. Yet, where the concept of men and women is concerned, we’re clearly headed the opposite way.

DePaul provides a solid example, as not only is it an iconic American university, but a Christian one.

The private Catholic college — located in Chicago — has been around since 1898.

It currently schools over 20,000 attendees.

DePaul’s catching the 18-and-up crowd. But by that time, newer generations will have had nearly two decades of being told to pick their alternate icons.


Last August, for instance, it was announced that new smartphone emojis may include a “pregnant man.”

In states such as New Jersey, by fifth grade, kids have been educated on gender identity.

In Nebraska last year, the state eyed teaching kindergarteners the same, as 11-year-olds learn of pansexuality and demigenderism.

And Cartoon Network has informed kids that neopronouns make them feel “seen” and “safe.”

Wherever all the above fails, colleges will catch the cultural slack. To that end, the University of Arkansas has booted the Gender Unicorn in favor of the sweeter Genderbread Person.

There’s no word on whether DePaul is using mythical horny horses or genital-juggling desserts, but offering nine gender options is none too shabby.


More from the Fix:

Riley Reed, the Student Government Association senator for LGBTQ+ students, told the DePaulia that the student government considers misgendering “an act of violence.”

A June 2021 article from DePaul’s Newsline featuring Mycall Riley, the university’s LGBTQIA+ Resource Center coordinator in the Office of Multicultural Student Success, echoed similar sentiments.

“Simply put, misgendering folks is harmful because it allows for trans and gender-expansive folks to be seen as jokes or as less of a person. It can make the person feel like ‘they are not important enough to remember,’ which is incredibly harmful,” Riley stated.

“Furthermore, incorrectly assuming someone’s pronouns also assumes someone’s gender, which can lead to other marginalizing and harmful behavior.”

Biblically, God created man and woman.

But man and woman are creating much more:

  • Co, co, cos, cos, coself
  • En, en, ens, ens, enself
  • Ey, em, eir, eirs, emself
  • Xie, hir, hir, hirs, hirself
  • Yo, yo, yos, yos, yoself
  • Ze, zir, zir, zirs, zirself
  • Ve, vis, ver, ver, verself

And don’t forget bunself, kittenself, princesself, and innitself.


We’ve come a long way.

And with the help of schools such as DePaul University, we’re likely to go much further.



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