Report: School Superintendent Blasts Unqualified Applicants, Says It's Because They're White

How privileged are white Americans? Allegedly — per the leader of a Maine public school system — unlike nonwhites, they think they can get jobs for which they’re completely unqualified.


According to The Daily Wire, Gorham School District Superintendent Heather Perry complained in an April 27th email about people of the pale. The educational head has evidently tired of Caucasian gall.

Here’s how Heather purportedly put it:

“We often do have candidates who are not fully certified apply, but I’ll be honest, that is often because they are white candidates who feel ’empowered’ to do so.”

The letter was addressed to local social justice advocate Farausi Cherry, who serves on the Gorham School Committee’s Antiracist Advisory Subcommittee.

Heather requested insight:

“Bottom line…these are ALL THINGS I would LOVE feedback on from the Antiracism & Equity Committee.”

The email was obtained by district parent Eric Lane courtesy of the state’s Freedom of Access Act. Eric subsequently filed a complaint with Gorham School Committee Chairwoman Anne Schools on October 12th. Afterward, he met with Heather herself via Zoom.

Perry told the dad he was taking her comment out of context…

“I don’t see that we’re going to reach a resolution, and it’s time to end this meeting,” Perry said toward the end of the 10-minute meeting.

Whiteness, as you may know, appears to be a major American problem. And academia is battling the beast:


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Back to Superintendent Heather Perry, she and Eric Lane have had other run-ins. At a school board conference in May, Eric called for Heather’s dismissal over classroom gender ideology posters.

From the Portland Press Herald:

The meeting followed three formal complaints filed against Superintendent Heather Perry over an email she sent to members of a committee April 20 before it met to consider the parent’s request to remove the posters or include opposing viewpoints. The posters feature terminology that includes cisgender, transgender and nonbinary.

“We need to use as many rungs in the ladder as possible to slow the process down to ensure this parent has to work a little on their end as well,” Perry’s email to the staff members reads in part.

Parent Eric Lane’s request was denied April 26.


In a written response to Eric’s October complaint, Heather told The Daily Wire the Gorham School Department doesn’t hire based on race — its “policies squarely prohibit such conduct.”

Hopefully, the white people will at least stop trying to assert their unearned privilege. That would help, given that Heather added “how important it is for employers to cast a wide net for applicants to ensure a diverse workforce.”



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