Don't Confuse the Kids: LEGO Requests All Marketing for Its Police and Fire Sets Be Removed

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An alarm clock made from Lego bricks inside the new Lego sleepover house teamed up with Airbnb, in Billund, Denmark, in this photo dated Sept. 8, 2017. Those who want to join Lego’s private sleepover must enter a competition and describe what they would build if they had an infinite supply of Lego bricks, then the winner will get the chance to create their entry under expert supervision, as part of their stay at the Lego House. (AP Photo/James Brooks)


I remember a project in elementary school — each student had to create a presentation about a hero they might like to be.

A popular choice among the boys: policeman or fireman.

My, have things changed.

Apropos, according to — which follows toy manufacturing and marketing — LEGO wants to distance itself from support of America’s first responders.

The Toy Book reports, “The tragic death of George Floyd while being restrained by police in Minneapolis sparked major protests all over the country, and today we’re seeing the first impact in the toy department.”

Indeed — the site received a copy of an email on behalf of LEGO sent to marketing companies by Rakuten Linkshare.

It requests that product and feature listings for more than 30 LEGO products be removed.

The items will still be sold, but LEGO doesn’t want them visibly promoted.

Among them are the following:

LEGO Fire Station, Fire Plane, City Police Station, Patrol Car, Police Dog Unit, Police Highway Arrest, and Mobile Command Center.

The toymaker’s Police Handcuffs & Badge Set is getting arrested, too.

And fans of plastic construction toys in support of fried dough will be doubtlessly disappointed: The LEGO City Donut Shop Opening kit made the list, as it contains a police officer figurine.


There was substantial response online:

One user pointed out that America needs “brave activists and leaders, not police for sure.”

Man — even the Forest Fire one got burned:


The Toy Book reached out to LEGO, which confirmed the move via email:

“We requested that our affiliate partners refrain from posting promotional LEGO content as part of our decision to respect #BlackOutTuesday and pause posting content on our social media channels in response to the tragic events in the US. We regret any misunderstanding and will ensure that we are clearer about our intentions in the future.”

On Wednesday, the toy giant tried to let everyone know it was on the side of the protestors:

If only the looters — not to be confused with the protestors — had seen that earlier:

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So there ya go — if emergency services is a waffle, LEGO wants to Leggo their Eggo.

But if you find the marketing maneuver less than politically pacifying, permit me to serve up satiation:


Also on the blacklist is the much-reviled White House playset.

Now we’ve got the kiddos straightened out.

¡Viva la Revolución!



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