Joe Rogan Has a Message for Teachers Who Sexualize Children

What’s the job of an educator? Joe Rogan has an idea, and it’s not in sync with the latest teaching trends.

While conversing with comedian and political commentator Dave Smith last week, Joe addressed the current case of public education and its phenomenal focus on sex.


As with many things on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, opinions weren’t of the woke variety.

The pair pointed out that — whether it concerns homo- or heterosexuality, “sexualizing little kids” should disturb everyone. Curiously, it doesn’t. But to parents who are horrified by the encroachment of sex on public education, it’s time to fight.

“I remember when the justice department…called those angry parents terrorists,” Dave recalled (see The Origin of the Infamous NSBA ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter Is Revealed—and It Implicates the Biden Administration).

The two agreed that, with the stick of sexual indoctrination, government education is poking a bear.

Dave put it thusly:

“You mess with people’s kids…that’s something people will do really [messed] up [stuff] over… People can put up with a lot. But…you’re going to brainwash my kid with some ideology that I don’t believe in, that I might even hate… It’s a dangerous thing to provoke someone with.”

Joe called to impressionable ages:

“Children are very malleable. … That’s how you can get children to be religious martyrs. Like, how do you think they talk those kids into strapping themselves up with dynamite and walking into some building and blowing themselves up? … You can get a child to subscribe to all sorts of ideologies — hateful ideologies, loving ideologies. People are malleable. We imitate our environment.”


These days, federal curriculum — as well as individual teachers — are training youngsters in the way of wokeness. Joe sees it as far outside education’s purview:

“Even though you think you’re doing a good thing, you’re still not doing what you’re supposed to do. What you’re supposed to do as an educator is teach kids. Teach kids, give them information. You’re not supposed to be grooming them towards a particular ideology or lifestyle.”

“I don’t mean ‘grooming’ in a sexual sense,” he made clear. “I mean…schooling them to behave a certain way or to think a certain way or to go against their parents’ beliefs… That’s not your job. … Especially when it comes to sexual issues.”

It may not have been the purpose in America’s past, but the aim of education has clearly changed. Surely a generation of students can’t fathom how things were only twenty years ago. For all of America’s past, school was a place where youth learned to read, write, compute numbers and develop critical thinking skills. Schooling was an endeavor centered on knowledge, not perspective. That appears to have all changed. Sex, gender, social and political viewpoints look to have replaced “reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic.”



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Back to Joe, he asserted the “LGBT” umbrella is letting people get away with things that would otherwise draw universal condemnation:

“Here’s my take: Imagine if you had little kids in your class — eight, nine, ten years old — and you started talking about male and female intercourse. Like, people would go, ‘What are you doing?’ … But there’s books that kids can get out of the library in certain school districts that they’ve put in there that show…oral sex…or someone [performing a sex act] on [an inanimate object]. … If we were talking about purely heterosexual relationships, we would all agree that is absolutely not a teacher’s job to explain to a child…”


A sexualization is upon us:

“How did anyone ever sign off on the little kids’ drag show? How did anyone imagine — again, the heterosexual version of that — imagine a bunch of strippers that are in their 30s and 40s and they’re getting young girls to strip and dance for men in the audience. … Imagine if you ever saw that. That would be a horrendous thing. Like, what are you encouraging? What are you doing to these children? Why are you taking away their innocence at such an early age? But if it’s a drag show and you have…a 10-year-old drag queen, and he goes out there and, ‘He’s fabulous, look at him — he’s amazing…’ But you’re sexualizing this young person. You’re still doing something to someone who hasn’t even gone through puberty.”

Dave noted it’s a topic that should bring Americans together. But it doesn’t:

“[H]ow the [heck] do we not at least have a consensus about this? That we’re against this? We could disagree on so many issues, but can’t we all agree with not sexualizing little kids?”

Concerning sexual instruction, Joe’s message to teachers is clear:

“[T]hat’s not your job.”

Well, it used to not be. But judging by school board measures across the country, it may now be exactly their job.




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