Profess Your Privilege: Southern University Launches 'White Student Accountability Group'

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Sometimes, you need to be held accountable. To that end, the University of South Carolina has formed a new group.

Turning Point USA says it obtained an internal email from the school’s College of Social Work urging attendees to join the “White Student Accountability Group.”


The first meeting was to take place via Zoom on April 26th, and here’s how the event was promoted:

The purpose of engaging in this project is three-fold:


  • To help social work students recognize both their contribution to and responsibility to dismantle racism in our practice and everyday lives
  • To encourage students to use their voice, power, and privilege to enact change in their classrooms, community, and practice
  • To support students in developing skills to host similar groups among peers or colleagues to expand the community dedicated to racial equity and justice

What if you’re Caucasian and not racist? What if you’re pale and not privileged? Perhaps the message is that you’re delusional. And maybe the meeting will improve your whiteness awareness.

As noted by TPUSA, U of SC is on top of racial justice elsewhere as well. Its College of Education features a “solidarity” statement signed by 23 faculty members.

In part:

We recognize that for far too long, schooling, as an institution, has promoted values that function as overt and covert forms of anti-Blackness, racism, antisemitism, paternalism, misogyny, and white supremacy. We assert our disgust with the historical murder of the Black community, and continued violence at the hands of police. We, in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policies at the University of South Carolina, reaffirm our commitment to undoing this harm, in our leadership mission to uphold the values of anti-racism, equity, and social justice.


SC decries the case of George Floyd:

The Student Personnel Association (SPA) President and other SPA leaders in the Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program declared in a statement that, “In our community and across the country, we demand justice for the death of George Floyd.” We want our students’ call to action to be the impetus for systemic change here at our institution, and all across the country…

The college hopes to “never forget George Floyd, Emmett Till, Breonna Taylor, Malice Wayne Green, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Laquan McDonald, Philando Castile, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others no longer with us because of white supremacy and violence.”

Bottom line:

As many of the faculty shared personally and on social media, “We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

For those white and tired of themselves, the White Student Accountability Group awaits.

And it’s not only available at the southern school.

Courtesy of Campus Reform:

At the University of California, San Diego, the “White Allyship, Action & Accountability initiative” purports to “holistically and comprehensively promote anti-racism by strengthening white ally engagement in efforts to mitigate bias and to deepen white ally involvement in educating on anti-racism and driving racial equity at UC San Diego.”

During the fall semester, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s College of Social Work promoted a “White Accountability Group” that provided “individuals with an environment and intention to authentically and critically engage in whiteness, white privilege, and hold each other accountable for change.” …

Loyola University Maryland, University of North Texas, and Dominican University also offer similar accountability groups.


One curiosity amid the growth of such groups is that they would presumably result in less alleged white racism. Yet — the best I can tell — the more white people agree that white people are racist, the more white people are said to be racist by those white people.

As I’ve posed before, if 100 people are in a room, and if 100 of those unite against the racism in the room…what racism is there to be fought?

If the more we create solutions, the worse the problem is said to be — requiring that even more solutions be created — then it looks as if our measures are doing more harm than good,

But perhaps I’m not properly assessing it all.

Whatever the case, it appears America’s victory over white racism is far from being declared.



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