Who Wants Old-School Ed? State University Seeks a 'Director of Social Justice Education'

Northern Illinois University is trying to right the wrongs in education. Therefore, it’s created an ultra-woke position.

Per a job posting, the school seeks a Director of Social Justice Education.


According to the ad, NIU is excessively enlightened:

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are defining characteristics at NIU. … Defined broadly at NIU, our growing diversity is one of our greatest strengths.


While we are proud of our diverse Huskie community, we know it is not enough to simply be diverse.

Were you “uplifted” by your school? Future Huskies will be:

We will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to ensure all Huskies feel welcome, included, valued, and their voices are uplifted.

And NIU’s going to accomplish racial justice:

Our commitment, plans and progress for how Huskies are working together for racial and social justice, equity and inclusion are reflected in our mission, vision and values and our annual University Goals.

In addition to other duties, the director will “apply restorative justice practices such as peace circles, racial healing facilitation, and meditation to promote holistic diversity education in collaboration with Student Affairs and Student Conduct for student education.”

The school is leading a charge:

The Division of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI) leads the charge in establishing an equity-minded community…throughout campus. Specifically, ADEI oversees each of NIU’s diversity and cultural resource centers — the Asian American Resource Center, Center for Black Studies, Latino Resource Center and Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, the Office of Undocumented Student Support, offer places of community, support, connection, celebration and conversation.


NIU isn’t content with simply offering classes:

It’s aiming at a major shift:

The Director will play a major role in advancing programs and resource that contribute to university-wide culture shifts and will engage and educate staff, students, faculty, and administrators with the goal of creating a more socially just and inclusive NIU community. …

Surely many contemporary college students can’t imagine what universities used to be — apolitical places where academic subjects were taught. In the old system, whatever you thought — about the world, others, and yourself — was your business. The school wanted nothing to do with it.

These days, education appears as a set upon which the play of wokeness is enacted:

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Might there be any time left over for old-school academics? If so, call it an incidental opportunity.

At Northern Illinois University, they’re doing the job with which modern academia has tasked itself — transforming America:

The Director for Social Justice Education is responsible for developing collaborative programs focused on cultural competency, racial healing and reconciliation, counternarratives, community building, restorative justice, equity, and inclusion responsive to the ongoing needs of all constituents at NIU.

The lucky hiree will rake in up to $6,250 per month. It pays to join the wonderful world of wokene$$.



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