Parent Dresses up as Easter Bunny, Hands out Eggs Filled With Condoms at Elementary School

Stephen Wayda

Did you receive a visit from the Easter bunny? A Texas elementary school did, but he was a hare different than the one you likely know.

As reported by Austin’s KXAN, on Friday, Gullett Elementary School was graced with the presence of a cute costumed bunny.


The purported school parent handed out eggs — many of which concerned the kind that mix with sperm:

Some of the eggs contained candy, but others contained unopened condoms, according to a letter sent to Gullett families.

Eventually, the lascivious lagomorph relocated:

The parent was asked to leave, but then moved to a public sidewalk and continued to give away eggs, the [Austin Independent School District said].

Some moms and dads weren’t convinced the erotic herbivore captured the season’s spirit.

Judging by his tweet, count Nathan Jensen among them:

“A parent showed up at my kids’ elementary school dressed as an Easter Bunny during pickup. He handed out eggs, mostly filled with candy. Some with unopened condoms. Not sure this is the ‘Austin weird’ I signed up for.”

As relayed by KXAN, sex isn’t something being basketed for little boys and girls at Gullett. But it might be:

Currently, the youngest students in Austin ISD aren’t even learning anything related to “human sexuality and responsibility.” K-2 lessons are on hold as the district works to revise lessons based on recent legislation.

As for “legislation,” the elicit Easter antics bring to mind Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which — oddly — isn’t about not saying gay.


As you’re surely aware, that initiative bans sex education for very young children. Many on the Left have denounced the measure with zeal.

In fact, over tiny tots not being schooled on sex and gender identity, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently cried:


Jen’s got considerable company:

Nebraska Eyes Teaching Kindergarteners Gender Identity While Eleven-Year-Olds Study Pansexuality and Demigenderism

New York Democrat Pushes for Sex Ed That Would School 11-Year-Olds in Pansexuality and Anal Sex

San Diego School District Adds 2,000 LGBTQ+ Books for Elementary Students

Washington State Orders Teachers to Hide Kindergarteners’ Gender Transition From Their Parents

Back to Austin, perverted Peter Cottontail won’t be welcome back.

Gullett Elementary School Principal Tammy Thompson indicated as much:

In a letter to parents, [Tammy] said the event was not planned, nor sanctioned by the school. The letter said officials spoke with the parent about the “inappropriate nature of their activity.”


When I was a kid, Easter was about getting peeps…

The way we’re headed, 20 years from now, it might be about getting peepshows.



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