University Student Government Official Who Insisted White People Are Inferior Says He Learned It at College

A university student’s crediting his college for teaching him about white people.

During a March 23rd virtual General Assembly meeting, black Ohio State University parliamentarian John Fuller made a colorful claim.


Firstly, he waxed on white supremacy:

“[T]he only people who are taught that they are superior to another race are white people.”

Caucasians are crappy:

“By saying that, um, by taking away the teaching of one race as superior to another, that is inherently white supremacy. Because white people learn from birth that they are superior. … They learn that from their lived experiences.”

John asserted “white supremacy” is “a relatively new term.” And if anyone were to suggest such a thing as “white inferiority,” he insisted, “there would be a protest.”

His accuracy = < 100%:

The student government guy went on to make clear his color-based conclusion: White people are indeed inferior.


“[I] would absolutely love to live in a world where black people are taught that they are superior. I would love it, because I full-heartedly believe that.”

No disciplinary action was taken, as the board passed a resolution condemning all anti-critical race theory legislation at the state level.

But how did John — whose term on the board has now timed out — develop his ideas on People of the Pale?

As relayed by Campus Reform, before he posed his pigment-based proposition, he made a sizable statement at odds with the wokedom of the day:

“I would be honest to say that, like, my first true experience with racism probably wasn’t until I came to college.”


Until he’d reached higher education, he hadn’t known the malignancy of less melanin.

The university system schooled him with extraordinary speed.

In fact, he’s now convinced, he was a victim of racism before he even lived in the open-air world:

“[I]n learning how systemic and structural that racism is, I know now that I experienced racism when my mom was pushing me out.”

His mother had fallen victim, too:

“She had more miscarriages, and black women are three times as likely to have miscarriages.”

“That was racism,” he said. “And that was racism before I was born.”

CR reports:

Fuller went on to lament that anti-CRT legislation prevents conversations like these from happening in the classroom and to argue that it is a sign of “white fragility.”

Not everyone was impressed with the man’s remarks. On Instagram, the Ohio State College Republicans gave ’em a Thumbs Down:

Ohio State’s motto is disciplina in civitatem, or education for citizenship. In a world that taught hateful, anti-equality rhetoric like that spewed during USG’s meeting, citizenship — and healthy engagement in the political process — would be impossible.

“It’s vital that we discuss the best ways to combat racism and injustice,” the group wrote, “but comments like Fuller’s are an obstacle, making it easier to dismiss efforts at actual equality as having sinister ulterior motives.”

Per Campus Reform, during the board’s session, more was mentioned about race. Prior to Fuller’s philosophizing, a different representative commented on the recent Ketanji Jackson hearings:


“I just personally would really encourage any of the white people in the room to actually really go and watch those. Because it’s been quite disturbing to see what I would consider a lot of really inappropriate questions. I think it’s really, really telling about the way our government works right now and a lot of the racism we’re still seeing today… I have been really, really angry for the last, like, day and a half.”

Anger: There’s a lot of that goin’ ’round. Such can be expected when one race is ruining life for another.

And so long as that notion’s passed along at the university level, surely more animosity — and statements on superiority and inferiority — can be expected.



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