Man Robs a Train, Gets Identified and Delivered to Cops — by His Mom

Man Robs a Train, Gets Identified and Delivered to Cops — by His Mom
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Parents aren’t what they used to be.

We’re living in an age of participation trophies.

Kids are told language is violence and disagreement with them is hate. It’s a far cry from the way things used to be.

Some of you may recall a time when moms and dads were tough. If you got in trouble at school, time at home would be radically worse.

In our enlightened era, folks don’t appreciate their kids being institutionally inconvenienced. They believe those in authority should generously spare the rod.

But every now and then, there’s evidence of an old-school upbringing.

Such was the case recently in Chicago.

According to crime-watch site CWB Chicago, last Tuesday, 18-year-old Zion Brown boarded a train.

Just after the Metra Electric Line transport arrived at Grant Park’s Van Buren Street Station, the youth allegedly pulled out a gun.

Pointing it at the conductor’s stomach, he demanded money.

He pulled $110 from the man’s pockets and departed.

Unfortunately for Zion, he and his gun were caught on tape: A security camera captured the now-accused criminal.

The footage was played on the evening news.

Incredibly, a viewer at home recognized the recorded teen.

It’s no wonder she was sure it was him: He’s her son.

Zion’s own mom busted him.

Realizing it was he who attempted the train robbery, she made certain he was served to the police. In fact, she drove him to the station herself.

It’s not often these days that you see a parent turn in their child.

But classic lesson-learning does happen on occasion.

Sometimes, cops needn’t even be involved.

So went a 2015 incident in Baltimore. A woman spotted her son taking part in a riot. She gave him her own version of a participation award.

Ladies and gentlemen, a throwback to vintage parental guidance:

Everyone enjoys a crime story gone right:

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What might the world look like if most parents resembled Brutal in Baltimore or Shake-You-Straight in Chicago?

One thing’s for sure: We’d be living in a very different America.

Attorneys for Zion say he employed only a BB gun in his crime.

Furthermore, they claim, he was only thieving because he was hungry and in need of a pre-class snack — he’s a student at Loyola University.

That excuse didn’t go down smoothly with Judge Maryam Aham. She recalled her own days as a starving student as she denied the possibility of bail.

Zion, of course, is young. And a bright future may very well lie ahead. Here’s to hoping the ambitious adolescent finds it.

If so, surely a secret to his success will have been having a mom who cared enough to intervene.



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