SuperDog: A Police K-9 Flies Through the Air and Into a Glass Window to Stop a Fleeing Felon. The Video is Incredible

[Screenshot from Rex Chapman via Twitter,]

[Screenshot from Rex Chapman via Twitter,]



If you only watch one viral video this holiday season, it should absolutely be the clip of a California K-9 and Marine doggy veteran doing his best Superman to help cops catch an on-the-lam bad guy.


The clip — posted to Twitter Friday from an incident early that morning — captures the moments following an alleged chase with the CHP.

As relayed by Fox News, Cali’s Highway Patrol was in pursuit of a “felony suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon.”

The Corona Police Department explains:

Officer [Michael Neff] and his partner K9 Duke responded to assist and gave several opportunities for the suspect to give up…which he refused. K9 Duke apprehended the suspect, and Fontana Police took custody of him.

“Apprehended” is an understatement.

Rubber pellets took out the driver side window, and then Duke took out the driver.

But how does he get from the pavement to the perp? Why fly, of course:

TMZ reports cops were pursuing the 31-year-old for stalking and attempting to hurt his estranged wife.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the chase — which eventually ended in Corona, CA…where cops used a pit maneuver to stop the car.

The guy may have managed a punch, but I believe it’s safe to say our gravity-defying SuperCop won the front-seat brawl:

The suspect was hospitalized for minor injuries from a dog bite.


And if you’re wondering about those pieces of glass, everything’s A-Okay:

Duke and the officers weren’t injured during the incident, police said.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some fly like it.



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