Man Punches Cop in the Face, Doesn't Realize the Officer's Partner is a German Shepherd. He'll Be Lucky if the Dog Ever Lets Go

[Screenshot from Chicago's Finest, chicago-police-dog-attack-SCREENSHOT]
[Screenshot from Chicago’s Finest, chicago-police-dog-attack-SCREENSHOT]


According to Twitter account Chicago’s Finest — which promotes “positive police interactions” — a guy recently got positively hounded for his attempt to show a cop who’s boss.


A rainy-day video shot by onlookers shows a man dressed in black take a formidable stance against an officer of the law.

The goon’s clearly threatening the cop, who remains calm.

Incredibly, the dark-suited doofus goes right up to the officer and punches him in the face.

The scene’s reminiscent of so many viral Antifa antics, in which face-covered fascists appear to have no fear whatsoever of armed policemen.

Despite the dude’s punch, the cop does nothing in retaliation.

Then after a few moments, he walks over to his police vehicle and opens the back door.

And BAM — instant backup, courtesy of four legs, long ears, and some very sharp, angry teeth.

[Warning: Language]

The officer’s pawed partner explodes on Mr. Big Pants, and holy cow — what follows is a shredding of the male ego.

The cop gets in a few blows before taking the man down; our carnivorous K-9 wags his tail while seemingly trying to rip off his dinner.

A second and third officer arrive and help get the mangled muscleman put away.

Of course, we’re left with few details, but the clip could serve as a warning to those tempted to take on the Boys in Blue.


It’s a much better idea to respect law enforcement and go on with your day than to tempt fate with arrogant idiocy.

Yet, we continue to see that very thing from a violent, black-masked group.

It needs to stop before the casualties reach a terminal level.

The video is also one more reminder for me that I’d never want to be a cop.

As Chicago’s Finest puts it, “This is the BS officers deal with on [a] daily basis.”

This time around, the jerk got the jaws of justice. And it’s found plenty of fans online, most notably these:

One thing’s for sure: flagrant disrespect for police officers is for the dogs.




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