Mask Maniac Throws Hot Coffee on Donut Customer for Daring to Show His Face

A friend of mine was once in a high-end jewelry store. While looking at an expensive watch, she was startled by a noise. She turned to her right to find — mere inches away — a man wearing a ski mask.


He was gripping a sledgehammer.

At the time, it was a universal truth: If you’re jewelry shopping and encounter a man in a mask, you’re somewhere you don’t want to be.

Next came hammering and thieving, and a gaggle of cops with shotguns at the scene.

But that was then, this is now: These days, masked men — and women — are everywhere.

It’s become the look of America, though for many of us, it’s not the America where we want to be.

From time to time, we see a return to the old normal: Masked individuals still commit violent crimes.

Take, for example, a recent occurrence at a Dorchester, Massachusetts Dunkin’ Donuts.

Reportedly, 23-year-old Dion Millsap — his face hidden behind cloth — attacked a 56-year-old man.

According to Boston’s 25 News, around 8:30 Thursday morning, the older gentlemen walked into the Harvard Street shop.

Dion noticed the man wasn’t sporting a COVID cover.

The twentysomething decided he himself would enforce a mask mandate.

After a bit of belligerent back-and-forth, Dion determined a way to teach the mask-skirter a scorching lesson: He threw one of his scalding cups of coffee at him.

An employee called 911, and police soon found Dion two blocks away.

[T]he prosecution says…even after getting caught (he) continued resisting arrest, even injuring an officer while kicking. That officer is doing okay.

Dion’s attorney, Ian Henchy, asserts the charges — including one involving weaponry — are too much:


“To me, it seems like this is a disorderly conduct case that has been blown way out of proportion. … The assault with a dangerous weapon charge, that was sort of out of control.”

Per Ian, the accused is homeless and unemployed.

“He was planning on starting a new job today. This is not what he was planning on doing. Being brought to lock up and being arraigned in front of the media was not how he planned for this day to go.”

He’s also a father:

“He does have a five-year-old son and that was his main concern when I was talking to him saying he had to get out of here and go pick up his kid.”

Of course, this is just one incident, and Dion is only one man.

However, I believe the situation is reasonably representative of our society over the last couple years.

America has become its own doughnuts store, minus the “dough.”

COVID exposed something stunning: Many walking among us were living with latent hysteria.

Seeds of such were just beneath the surface, waiting to sprout if fertilized by fear.

America’s anxiety shot to the surface, and the symphony of alarm crescendoed with everyone dressing like surgeons and people getting into fights over showcasing their noses.

We’ve officially reached Peak Crazy.

Or have we? Is there more to come?

Is this not the zenith of zaniness, but the prelude to a more altitudinous Insane Summit?

Is society even more heftily screwed? Are we building toward an unprecedented climax in F’d Major?


That remains to be seen.

To be clear, I believe “15 Days to Slow the Spread” made a great deal of sense. And everyone should do what they believe is best for their health.

But at some point along the way, we surely jumped the shark — no disrespect…

Back to Boston, the victim of the caffeinated crime had allegedly received permission to enter the store unmasked.

In an effort to appease Dion, he shielded his face with his shirt.

Evidently, that wasn’t enough.

Thank goodness no sledgehammers were involved.



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