'Good Morning America' Issues a COVID PSA About 'Pregnant People'

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Good Morning America has news, and it might just save a life.

The TV titan has taken to YouTube over COVID’s threat to people.

In harm’s way: the child-bearing kind.


The PSA repeatedly references pregnancy, but a provocative peculiarity persists.

A collection of quotes:

  • COVID-19 and pregnant people — what do you need to know?
  • Data from the beginning of his pandemic show us that pregnant people face higher rates of complication…
  • [Multiple medical associations recommend] that people who are pregnant be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • [A]ll three vaccine manufacturers…were…tracking whether people became pregnant in the course of the trials.
  • They learned that there were zero safety signals…amongst people who were pregnant who had been vaccinated…
  • [W]e found that people who were vaccinated against COVID-19 during pregnancy [gave birth to children with COVID antibodies] that had been passed…in utero.
  • If someone is pregnant and they qualify for a booster, those boosters…can be given in all three trimesters.
  • [T]here are many people who are considered high-risk for COVID-19 even before becoming pregnant.
  • Data shows that pregnant people face higher rates of complication if infected with COVID-19.
  • It is recommended that pregnant people get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Studies show that there are zero safety issues amongst pregnant people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • People who were vaccinated for COVID-19 during pregnancy and then gave birth, passed COVID-19 antibodies to newborns.


The video does twice allude to sex:

  • Pregnant women were not initially enrolled in clinical trials.
  • Initial COVID-19 vaccines and boosters can be given in all three trimesters and…if a woman is breastfeeding.

In times past, perhaps “women” would’ve more heavily penetrated the report.

Back during our barbarism, the term “mothers” may have even been used.

We’ve since become more sensitive.

Portraits of progress:

Report: Federal Reserve Puts the Kibosh on Terms Such as ‘He,’ and ‘She’

Breastfeeding Academy Bails on ‘Breasts’

To Be Inclusive of Non-Binary Parents, Hospitals Nix the Terms ‘Breast Milk’ and ‘Father’

Columbia Medical School’s ‘Anti-Bias’ Guidelines Tout ‘People With Uteruses’

As for the birthing process itself, over the summer, there was this:

Hipster Joe Biden’s helping out:


And one politician doesn’t “know how else to explain it”:

Either way, as I previously observed, syllables are a social construct:

[T]here’s much to adjust across the American lexicon.

Unfortunately…none of it will have any impact on what exists.

In fact, we’ve already tried that to its most radical degree: Humanity created entirely different languages.

But as it turned out, even when they invented an alternate term for everything, the world’s established actuality remained.

Back to Good Morning America, why was its offering so pregnant with “pregnant people”?

Has America’s wake-up show awoken, or is it concerned about being canceled?

Perhaps next time, GMA will take an alternative approach. It could stand in solidarity with women while staying on the cutting cultural edge.

Amid information printed onscreen, a change in lettering would go a long way.

The country’s cleaning up its language; and these days, X marks the spot.

Oppressive spelling, you’re E-rased:


Surely a COVID commercial about “womxn” would keep the show above reproach.

Then, again, many pregnant people might think that vowel movement stinks.

Such are the complexities of life, and the complications of our newfound enlightenment.

But I have hope we’ll figure it out — necessity is the mother of invention.

Or, the erstwhile pregnant person.



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