Report: Federal Reserve Puts the Kibosh on Terms Such as 'He,' 'She,' and 'Founding Fathers'

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Have you recently used biased language?

If so and you work for the Federal Reserve, you’ve allegedly got some retraining to do.

According to an internal webpage reportedly obtained by Fox News, on April 29th, the Fed’s Board of Governors introduced an overhaul of terminology for employees nationwide.


Its alleged introduction:

Bias-free language recognizes diversity and avoids stereotyping, demeaning, or excluding people on the basis of gender, race, ethnic group, religion, age, ability/disability, or sexual orientation.

To what might that refer? Mocking a physical challenge? Insulting someone’s faith?

It’s a bit more refined.

Firstly, of course, “Try to avoid words and phrases that may be considered offensive, pejorative, or prejudiced…”

But here’s where it gets tricky…

One must avoid words and phrases fitting the above description “whether consciously or unconsciously.”

Consciously stopping oneself from being “unconsciously” prejudiced is a tall order, so they’ve listed the bad words.

Warning: Offensive Language

  • She
  • He
  • His
  • Hers

Those are to be replaced by “bias-free” options such as “they,” “their,” and “theirs.”

As for the term “whitelisted,” staff should use “allowed.”

Conversely, “blacklisted” has been blacklisted.

Better: “denied.”

And don’t even think about referencing “manmade” or “manpower.”

The world is definitely changing.

In our new era, it’s hard to tell whether the stakes are higher or lower.

Whereas children were once informed that syllables couldn’t match the ferocity of sticks and stones, we’re now told words are violence and safe spaces are imperative to prevent “harm.”


As such, it appears, the government’s good lookin’ out.

Hence, Joe Biden’s recent budget substituted “birthing people” for “mothers.”

And as I recently covered, Columbia University’s medical school has recommended using “person with a uterus” instead of “woman.”

Back to the Fed, it pinpointed more toxic masculinity.

Going the way of the dodo bird:


Moreover, being cut from the list of appropriate terms by our government which was created by the Founding Fathers:

Founding Fathers

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson had thoughts:

“The Fed is controlling monetary policy. It’s also totally destroying the economy, in case you haven’t noticed. But…it’s supposed to be apolitical. Why are they trying to control our language? Because they’re trying to control our minds.”

On his FNC show, Tucker asked guest Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute about Uncle Sam essentially telling us we shouldn’t call him “uncle.”

Here’s how Victor sees it:

“[I] think it’s characteristic of all bureaucracies that when they can’t solve an existential problem, they always go to the trivialities (as) if they’ve done something.”

“[L]ook at the Federal Reserve,” he said. “We may have 6-7% inflation right now…and we have 2.8% mortgage rates. That’s a gap. And what are they doing? They’re looking at pronouns.”


Mr. Hanson also addressed Biden’s budget:

“We have a $30 trillion debt and a trillion dollar annual deficit. They don’t have a clue of how to handle that, but they do want to focus on these trivia.”

He also gauged things more broadly:

“[I]t’s…characteristic…of the Left. They always want to be a cultural revolutionary. So they want to go back in the past and cancel people out. And rename streets and buildings and universities and topple statues and change the language. That’s what the Soviet Union did.”

As for America’s utterance upgrade, Victor liked things the old way:

“These words were here for a reason. They’re specific.”

And he’s pro-Founder:

I think it’s very important….people realize that, while the Founding Fathers, their achievement was not because they were male, but they transcended their sex. They weren’t just chauvinist or racist. They created ideas out of the Enlightenment that meant that you would have women’s suffrage or you would have civil rights. Because that was the logic of “all men are created equal.”

Well, apparently, all “men” are not. It’s all “people.”

Words “distinguish reality. That’s what language is for,” he asserted.

I’m not sure Victor’s right about that. From what I can tell, the purpose of modern language is to grant dignity to all those who hear or see it.


And I’m feeling threatened because his name is Victor.

Regardless, at the Federal Reserve, they’re making sure dignity triumphs by unfounding the unfounded use of “Founding Fathers.”

We may be headed toward the economic dumper, but we’ll go there equitably as non-blacklisted theys.

Meanwhile, from the Fox article:

In a statement, a Federal Reserve spokesman said: “The Federal Reserve has no language directives for employees.”



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