Riveting Reversal: University Cancels Segregated 'Antiracism' Training

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A school in Texas is going against the grain.

As you may know, “antiracism” training is all the rage.

And what does it mean?

According to UCLA Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, antiracism is “the active dismantling of systems, privileges, and everyday practices that reinforce and normalize the contemporary dimensions of white dominance.”


The ideology’s ruling the roost at many American colleges, but at Texas Tech University, they recently found it fowl.

Per The College Fix, TTU was on course for antiracism diversity training called Deeply Rooted Conversations.

Like a lot of things in the name of reversing racism, the program purportedly featured segregation.

As illustrated in a video obtained by Young America’s Foundation, on offer were “BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) Affinity” and “Ally Affinity” spaces.

Affinity groups are all over.

From my write-up of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville just weeks ago:

Caucasians are assigned to the “White Accountability Group.” …

The training will enlighten light-colored learners on “how to recognize whiteness and white privilege, identify and interrupt internalized dominance, and collectively develop strategies for liberation and change.” …

On the other side of the segregating aisle are “BIMPoC (Black, Indigenous, Multiracial People of Color) Affinity Groups.” …

While the white group will shoulder responsibility for being oppressive, BIMPoC folks will gather for support from those with any skin that isn’t pale.


Additionally, see stories on American University, Brandeis University, and an Illinois middle school.

YAF relays Part 3 of Deeply Rooted Conversations was segregated as well.

Understanding Whiteness and White Allyship” portrayed white supremacy thusly:

What it looks like…

Land Theft/Manifest Destiny
Jim Crow
Immigration Laws
Education Disparities
Generational Poverty
Mass Incarceration
Service Institutions
Access to Resources
Exploitive/Biased Medical Research
Whitewashing of History
Environmental Racism
Generational Trauma
Bias Microaggressions
Media and Public Narratives

Other manifestations of said supremacy: “The War on Drugs” and “Law Enforcement.”

Speaking to the Daily Caller News Foundation, school representative Matt Dewey explained, “Upon reviewing materials from the Deeply Rooted Conversations discussion series, we learned that some of the content does not align with our university values, and we have discontinued this program.”

Texas Tech appears to have deleted evidence of the training from its website and social media.

We often hear of society becoming more segmented. It’s rare that a news-making move doesn’t divide us.

For now, this looks to be our union’s state (Language Warning):



It seems to me we’d broadly benefit if “university values” across the country included the value…of unity.

In Texas — albeit via something small — at least momentarily, perhaps they actually did.



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