Not Hollywood: Kirstie Alley Joins the Chorus Against Erasing Women

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Kirstie Alley is pro-breastfeeding.

The Hollywood actress made such clear Saturday, via a tweet that also marginalized the “minuscule.”

Eschewing the idea of “gender,” she made a sex-based observation.


“Breastfeeding is what women do,” the actress asserted.

Kirstie’s at odds with a growing medical contingent.

As I covered in February, two UK hospitals made major maneuvers in order to “[celebrate] gender inclusion.”

A 19-page-document told staff to put the kibosh on “breast milk.”

Superior substitutes:

  • “breast/chest milk”
  • “human milk”
  • “milk from the feeding mother or parent”

“We acknowledge the additional challenges,” the centers said, “that gender identity can have on pregnancy, birth and infant feeding.”

Kirstie continued with a considerable cut-down:

“We do not have to buckle to the insanity of the minuscule minority of lunatics who make us feel guilty for not sharing their insanity.”

Call her a traditionalist:

“’Chest feeding?’ ‘Human milk feeding?’ WTF STOP IT!!!”

To be sure, Kirstie’s not “following the science” — even the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine’s moved on to modern milking.


From my article last week:

[T]he ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female, and that some of these individuals identify as neither female nor male.

Its recommended redos:

OLD: breast
NEW: mammary gland

OLD: breastfeeding
NEW: breastfeeding, chestfeeding, lactating, expressing, pumping…

OLD: breast milk
NEW: milk, human milk, mother’s own milk, parent’s milk, father’s milk

OLD: breastfeeding mother or nursing mother
NEW: lactating parent, lactating person; combinations may be used for clarity, such as ‘‘breastfeeding mothers and lactating parents’’

OLD: breastfeeding mother or nursing mother
NEW: lactating parent, lactating person; combinations may be used for clarity, such as ‘‘breastfeeding mothers and lactating parents’’

Online, Alley accumulated accolades.

A few:

  • “I agree. I worked hard to provide breast milk for my baby. And as a 100% woman (inside and out) it’s insulting they’re trying to take that away from me by making it ‘accessible’ to ‘everyone.'”
  • “It’s so diminishing to the bodily processes a woman has to go through. Periods and associated hormonal changes, contraception & hormone changes with that, weight gain, acne etc, mastitis, osteoporosis weak teeth etc, the menopause, could go on & on! WOMEN BREAST FEED FFS”
  • “Please tell me you’re kidding. Now “Breastfeeding” is being erased? I cannot believe we’ve lost 150 years of women’s rights progress to this kind of linguistic absurdity in the blink of an eye. How long before “Woman” itself becomes a dirty word?”

The notion of women being wiped out appears to be increasing in prevalence.

On its website, Christian conservative group Concerned Women for America dedicates a page to “Erasing Women.”

In January, the Post Millennial asserted, “Activists Push to Erase Women in Both Language and in Law.”

May saw RedState’s Brandon Morse ask, “If the Left Loves Women So Much, Why Is It Trying to Erase Them?

The following month, RS front-pager Nick Arama wrote of “Biden Erasing ‘Mothers’ With New Woke Term.”

Also in June, Kira Davis went to bat for womanhood:

Some may claim Kirstie’s tweet isn’t news, but it is: It’s a rare instance of a celebrity taking a stance guaranteed to be condemned by the West Coast’s woke.

Of course, it isn’t her first rodeo:


What’s news even more than Kirstie’s comments is the fact that they could be news at all.

We’re truly in mid-transformation.

Things held true for hundreds or thousands of years are being reconsidered.

Some seem to view those times as the winter of history’s discontent.

Thus, society’s snow globe is being shaken.

The word “woman” isn’t what it used to be.

Some claim it’s a fad, but is it?

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a solidly-situated new direction.


At least for a growing portion of the populace.

They’re known as the woke.

As for those resisting, not long ago, they might’ve been called another word that’s drastically changed: “feminists.”



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