Iranian Immigrant Kabobs Public Ed's 'Garbage Ideology': It's 'Making Our Kids Dumber'

How’s education looking these days, particularly where progressive lesson plans are concerned?

To one man in Virginia, it’s not too good.

Dimis Christophy guested on Fox & Friends Weekend to say our current state of affairs stinks.


Dimis should know a thing or two about left-wing classroom disposition: His offspring are in the hands of Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools.

In case you’ve missed the district’s headline dominance:

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As for Dimis, he’s got a vantage point outside the American bubble.

And the man recently lit up a school board meeting:

“I grew up in Iran as a Christian. And when we went to school, as much as the government wanted to indoctrinate us, the teachers didn’t allow it. … Now in the 21st century, we have social justice warrior so-called teachers (that) are trying to shove their ideology down our kids’ throats. These are our children, not yours. Their job is not to raise my child or my neighbor’s child. Their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology, literature, and that’s it. Not ideology.”


More from Fox:

He noted that, even as an immigrant who spoke no English back in 1993, Christophy was performing at a much higher level in his courses as a result.

Speaking to the network, Dimis whacked education’s “woke agenda”:

“When I hear this kind of stuff, it [ticks] me off because the kids nowadays are distracted with so many different things other than their school work.”

The extra content “screws with everybody.”

Education’s absolutely evolving.

Whereas they previously aimed to impart knowledge and sharpen skills, learning institutions appear to emphasize ideology and emotion.

See academia’s attempts on behalf of racial justice, demigenderism, anal sex, police avarice toward black men, the white supremacy of grading, called-out Christianity, restorative justice circles, and Critical Race Theory.

Back to Dimis, he wasn’t hating on anyone:

“This has nothing to do with hatred. This is part of the systemic ideology that [public schools] want to pass on.”

He’s telling parents to make their voices heard.

Spoken like a true American:

“We need to show these people that they don’t run the community. We run the community. We are the people.”

“If they want to be woke, good for you,” he offered. “We’re going to recall you. … We want our kids to be educated with the proper tools. Not to be distracted by garbage ideology.”


Dimis appears of a similar mind as Kansas 6th grade teacher Josiah Enyart, who recently resigned over masks and CRT.

Josiah told The Sentinel:

“What a 12th grader has to know and get done to graduate is what a 5th grader had to do 40 years ago.”

Dimis had a succinct way of putting it:

“They are making our kids dumber.”

Like I said — not good.



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