A Mom Revolts After Elite School Shows Video That 'Tarred and Feathered' White Women

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You don’t really see much tarring and feathering these days.

But in Manhattan recently, some kids allegedly got treated to a display of plastered plumage.


Metaphorically, that is.

By way of a video.

And some parents are fed up.

As relayed by the New York Post, the elite Spence School is in hot water after a teacher showed kids an episode of TV-MA Showtime program Ziwe.

The new show — hosted by a 29-year-old comedienne of the same name — features a mix of interviews and comedy skits.

Here’s the trailer:

Clearly, it’s comedy.

But school mom Gabriela Baron isn’t laughing.

Per Gabriela — who’s Hispanic — the Ziwe footage was shown to her daughter’s class on the $57,000+/year academy’s last day of school.

In response, she sent a letter to the school’s board of trustees insisting the video “openly deride[d], humiliate[d] and ridicule[d] white women.”

The episode welcomed writer guest Fran Lebowitz, to whom the host said, “I believe that you are not concerned with how annoying white women can be.”

And according to Gabriela’s fiery complaint, figure-of-speech feathers were afoot:

“[The kids] sat there in their graduation dresses while the white mothers of the white students – many of whom volunteer, donate, call, email and do whatever the school asks of them – were tarred and feathered in a video their teacher showed them. While their white female teachers were mocked.”

Ziwe also asked women named Karen how they felt about their name being associated with “obnoxious, angry and entitled, often racist white women.”

On top of that, the host read lyrics to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s sexually explicit song “WAP” (see the “clean” version’s music video here).


Ziwe was reportedly played for 15 students — in an 8th grade history class.

Gabriela said she was pulling her kid from the Upper East Side institution due to the “blatantly racist” video and Spence’s obsession with political correctness.

Other parents are upset as well.

In the aftermath, Spence School Head Bodie Brizendine issued an email stating thusly:

“This video is not part of the Spence curriculum. Our teacher and the School acknowledge that sharing a satirical video that made fun of white women was a significant mistake. We take this seriously; it is never acceptable to ridicule anyone at any time, and this is contrary to everything we know about our mission. We fully trust the professionalism of our dedicated faculty, and we will be strengthening faculty protocols.”

Another mom — who recently pulled her daughter from Spence over “wokeness” — told the Post an apology letter’s a “step in the right direction.”

“I’m happy to see that someone is willing to apologize to white people.”

However, she added, “I think it stops short of calling it racism and canceling this teacher.”

The miffed mother said she’s “not in the business of canceling people,” but she does “question that if [the video] was against blacks or against Asians, if that teacher wouldn’t have been systematically fired.”


Is the ordeal over?

Not necessarily. As school head Bodie pointed out, Gabriela “shared [her] letter with many parents.”

Schools and parents used to have a relatively congenial relationship. Not anymore, it seems.

Across a range of topics, America’s educational institutions have chartered new territory.

And moms and dads appear increasingly not on board.

Therefore, I would guess, prepare to hear of more livid letters. And to see more vocal, viral videos — like this one, recently featured on RedState:



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