Congressional Democrat Announces You Can't Be Antiracist if You're 'Anti-Student Debt Cancellation'

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Are you antiracist?

From the sound of a CNN article, it’s a tremendous task to undertake:

Being anti-racist means more than ridding yourself of racist attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. It means you’re also actively fighting that reprehensible trinity as it manifests in your life on a daily basis.

Donating to activist organizations and protesting injustices are definitely good starts to becoming an ally. But that’s not enough. Actively rebutting prejudices in your own circles is key to lasting change, as those ideas and beliefs — unless challenged — are what our children absorb and are woven into the fabric of our culture.


Per the outlet, antiracism demands a moratorium on the following microaggressions:

  • “Don’t blame me. I never owned slaves.”
  • “All lives matter.”
  • “I’m colorblind; I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, green or purple.”

And now, those wanting to qualify are obligated to adopt an additional stance.

On Monday, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley tweeted out the update.

She linked to a Washington Post piece titled “The Faces of Student Debt.”

The newspaper noted, “Nearly 45 million people hold $1.7 trillion in education loans…”

The Post also pointed out, “[B]lack students are among the fastest growing group of borrowers.”

Apropos, Ayanna laid it out:

“You can’t be anti-racist if you’re anti-student debt cancellation.”

A self-described “retired ethics professor” offered an Amen:

As for The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, if I understand correctly, his response was more of the “Thumbs Down” variety:


Overall, it was a mixed crowd:

As part of a multi-tweet reply, one user wrote, “That’s insanely harsh…I believe in equality, I don’t believe that we should be cancelling debts when services were provided and many have paid their debts in full.”


The remark raises quite the question: If those who haven’t paid their debt have it covered by others, where’s the fairness factor for burden-bearing taxpayers who previously paid what they owed in full?

As relayed in December by RedState’s Mike Miller, amid talk of debt detonation by Elizabeth Warren, that very issue arose.

During her appearance at a campaign event, a man who purportedly worked double shifts to fund his daughter’s education put it to Poca the lady:

“My daughter is in school. I saved all my money just to pay student loans. Can I have my money back?”

Her reply:

“Of course not.”

He requested clarification:

“So you want to help those who don’t save any money, and the ones that do the right thing get screwed?”

Accepting Ayanna’s edict, if Washington goes fully “antiracist,” I’d guess similar questions are on the way.

In fact, among millions of Americans who leveled their own loans via thousands of work hours, I wouldn’t be surprised if some come up with a term different than “antiracist” for a debt-decimating deal: anti-responsibility.

Perhaps we’ll soon find out.

But if this is the direction we’re headed, does anybody know how one might acquire a federal loan to finance a Ferrari?

Asking for a friend…



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