Meghan McCain Pummels the Press's Babying of Biden: There's 'No Need to Slobber All Over' Him

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Do you believe the media needs a napkin? Meghan McCain does — she thinks they’ve been slobbering all over Joe Biden.

On Friday, “The View” co-host slammed legacy media for their kid-glove care of the current Commander-in-Chief.


Referencing Joe’s recent falls down the steps of Air Force One — and reported firearm funny business concerning Hunter Biden — Meghan insisted there’d be a whole different sort of framing from the press, if the stories instead involved Donald John Trump.

Her comments followed Joe’s Thursday press briefing, about which critics have claimed he wasn’t in Dynamo Mode:

In Meghan’s view, concerning the press conference…the press didn’t…press.

To hear her tell it, Trump’s presidency didn’t hit a home run. Nonetheless, now the media’s dropping the ball:

“Just because President Trump was so awful and so disrespectful to the press — which I think we’re all in agreement in — doesn’t mean we should be giving President Biden passes.”


She also saw Joe’s news briefing — the first since his inauguration — as inadequate in the info department:

“I think he did a fine job. I think he’s the President of the United States of America. We’re still in a pandemic. There’s still a bunch of [crises], and I don’t think he answered nearly enough questions that I, for one, would have liked to have seen him answer. And I think the coverage of it has been really disconcerting.”

Maybe he could only tell people what he’d been told by people?

Either way, the daughter of the late Sen. John pointed to a pointed double standard.

Close your eyes and let her take you on an adventure:

“I just wanna present a scenario where somehow, magically, President Trump got re-elected. And in the first 60 days of him being re-elected, he didn’t do a press conference. When he finally did a press conference, he didn’t talk or answer one question about the pandemic, and he didn’t answer any questions from any media that didn’t agree with him. Peter Doocy was not called on, Fox News wasn’t called on, which I think is a huge miss for President Biden yesterday. And then on top of that, in the news cycle, if President Trump had fallen down Air Force One, or if his son was involved in some very serious reports regarding the Secret Service and a handgun — which just came out on Politico yesterday — I believe we would be having a very different Hot Topic today.”

Bottom line — to Meghan, enough drooling already:


“I was watching some shows this morning. There is no need to slobber all over Joe Biden right now. He’s still the President of the United States. And I think our role in the fourth estate is to hold his feet to the fire and to ask serious questions.”

Should we give newly-elected Joe some warm-up time before he gets grilled?

She spurred a sizable question — how cold could you be after half a century:

“Giving him time, let him be president, yes. But we did not give this levity to President Obama or President Trump, so I don’t know why we’re giving him so many — so much of it right now, given that he’s been…serving in office for over 50 years.”

No matter, Meghan may be a bit off base. In defense of the press, Joe might not mind the slobbering:



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