In His Last Year as Mayor, Bill de Blasio Appoints a Racial Justice Commission - 'This Moment Demands' It

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a big announcement this week.

Those fearing the Big Apple’s become rotten to its core will be relieved by Bill’s decision to “dismantle structural racism for all New Yorkers.”


I take that to mean he’d previously chosen to leave it up, but perhaps that’s a misunderstanding.

Either way, De Blasio will make policy recommendations toward the mission while employing the help of a hand-picked crew.

As the man made clear Tuesday, there’s a new, 11-member racial justice commission in town.

And — as relayed by CNN — he’s empowered them:

“The racial justice commission has the power to put forth permanent, transformative ideas for our government and our city.”

Apparently, prior moments didn’t demand such a thing.

But nothing stays the same:

“This moment demands nothing less.”

He also hailed the history-making significance of it all:

“This undertaking is unprecedented, but I believe this extraordinary group of leaders, visionaries, and public servants have the ability to put forth a tangible vision to continue dismantling and obliterating centuries of racial oppression.”

CNN notes a timeliness to the turn — including, per the outlet, a recent attempt to keep black Americans from voting:

The mayor’s announcement comes nearly one month after Democratic lawmakers revived a similar proposal for a racial justice commission in Congress that would examine the country’s history of systemic racism against Black people, address inequities and back efforts to provide reparations for slavery.

It also comes as the nation reels from a racial reckoning that has spilled into 2021, with racist attacks against Asian Americans, the Capitol riots and threats to the voting rights of Black people.


The Daily Wire observes the city truly could be transformed; how’s about guaranteed jobs for everyone?

The commission will perform its stated mission by proposing policies and recommending changes to the City Charter, which acts as the city’s constitution. Among the specific policy recommendations which have been floated are a jobs guarantee for all New Yorkers, reparation payments for black New Yorkers, and a public apology from the city for past actions now deemed racist. In addition to proposing the cancellation of student debt, at least one member of the commission has also supported “baby bonds,” which are government-funded savings accounts for all children.

The new committee’s creation follows last year’s promise of a “racial justice and reconciliation commission” honoring Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the emancipation of American slaves.

That group never manifested.

2021 marks Bill’s 8th and final year as mayor, and some may question why he’d suddenly christen and praise “the first commission of its kind.”

He’s had an interesting run:


As for race relations, four days before Tuesday’s news, he got surrounded and heckled at a vigil against anti-Asian prejudice.

RedState’s Nick Arama covered the story:

[W]hen de Blasio showed up, they weren’t having any of it, according to the New York Post. He was surrounded and heckled out of the event, with people upset that he hasn’t done anything on the issue.

Nick suggested De Blasio’s approval rating isn’t always pegging the red:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is not a very popular fellow among his constituents.

It’s one of the things that has united folks from New York, they all hate de Blasio.

One of the main reasons is like Governor Andrew Cuomo, he’s just such a self-involved character, it’s all about him. During the pandemic he came under attack because he first encouraged people against social distancing and then set rigid rules that he himself violated.

After the Asian rally razing, Bill headed on out (Language Warning):

At least now, it’s the moment they’ve all been waiting for — the one that demands things.

Hopefully, the commission — comprised of members of his administration and people with whom he’s previously worked closely — will rise to the moment’s need.


Meanwhile, New York’s (in) a sad state.

Just ask Bill’s wife, First Lady Chirlane McCray:



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