LISTEN: Shipwrecked Crew Discusses 'The Great Hunter Biden Gun Grab' on The Grace Curley Show

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I had the pleasure of spending about 15 minutes on The Grace Curley Show on Friday afternoon talking about The Great Hunter Biden Gun Grab — but it was actually Hallie Biden who “grabbed” the gun out of Hunter’s pickup truck back in October 2018.

Grace and I went over some of the details in the two stories I have written the past two days, which depart somewhat from what you might be reading elsewhere.

Part One — The Hunter Biden Gun Story Might Not Go Away.

Part Two — A Hunter, A Gun, Some Drugs, Secret Service Guys, and…. The FBI?

I’ll own the hubris of saying that some of what you are reading about the incident from others is being presented to you in a manner that earnestly provides an explanation from an outsider’s perspective on the episode that is not entirely accurate.  What I’ve written is based on my own experiences in handling the types of “user in possession” cases that Hunter Biden’s actions have him exposed to, as well as 23 years of experience working with numerous federal law enforcement agencies including the Secret Service, ATF, and the FBI.

To respond to a question that was posted on Twitter, the “statute of limitations” on the charge in question — the time period within which Hunter could be charged with a crime under Title 18 — is 5 years from the date of the offense.  My view is that Hunter violated the statute in question, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 922(g), on the date that he purchased the handgun — October 18, 2018.  The statute runs out on October 18, 2023.

Grace made a podcast out of our segment together.  You can listen to it here.

ShipWreckedCrew and Andrew Pollack – 03.26.21 – Hour 2

Grace was the Executive Producer for nationally syndicated radio host Howie Carr, and on January 4 she started hosting her own show on WRKO-AM 680 in Boston.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I had the honor of joining her as an on-air guest during that very first show.

The Grace Curley Show

Today’s appearance was my third time joining her.  A couple more and maybe I’ll ask if I can co-host once a month.

Enjoy listening.

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