Ferguson Activists Demand BLM Give Them $20 Million of Its $90 Million 2020 Take

(Cristina M. Fletes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)

Last month, I covered the story of Black Lives Matter’s reported 2020 earnings.

And wow — they were somethin’ fierce.

BLM reported they took in $90,000,000 in donations.


A breakdown:

Per the financial statement, individual amounts given averaged around $30.70.

Hence, if every donation was $30, that means the 8-year-old group received 3,000,000 donations — spread evenly across one year, 8,219 contributions/day.

As revealed by the report, ten percent of the donations were recurring.

And now, some folks are insisting on a cut.

As reported by The Daily Caller, activists from Ferguson, Missouri say BLM should pony up $20 million buckaroos.

You may recall Ferguson erupted in 2014 following the police-shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

Here’s History.com with a summary:

There are many different accounts of the incident, including the testimonies of [Officer Darren Wilson] and of Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown at the time. Many details differ, but most accounts agree that Wilson saw Brown and Johnson walking in the street, demanded they get on the sidewalk, then stopped his police SUV in front of them in order to confront them. He and Brown had an altercation through the open window of the car, during which Wilson fired twice. Brown and Johnson tried to leave, Wilson exited his car to pursue them, and at some point Brown turned back around to face Wilson, who then fired 12 shots, six of which hit Brown. Wilson claimed he fired in self-defense as Brown charged him, which Johnson denied. Many have claimed that Wilson warned Brown he would open fire, and that Brown responded with “Don’t shoot!” before he was killed.


In the aftermath — according to the Twitter account of The International Black Freedom Alliance — Black Lives Matter failed to offer proper aid during protests.

Courtesy of a video posted online, “frontline organizer” Tory Russell — accompanied by Michael Brown’s father — lays it out:

“Today, we hold Black Lives Matter accountable. The movement that has catapulted in the limelight has forgotten about Ferguson and the freedom fighters. Freedom fighters…have literally given their lives to the struggle but are rarely spoken about and families are not taken care of. … [M]any…political prisoners from the Ferguson movement are incarcerated or have been and still [have] received no assistance from Black Lives Matter.”

“What kind of movement are we building,” Tory asks, “where we’re saying ‘black lives matter’ but the freedom fighters and the families are being left behind?”

He hails those locally who have sacrificed for the cause:

“Where is our restitution? Where is our organizing? Where is our building of a movement? We have groups like the (youth-led) Lost Voices and the freedom fighters here. And thousands of other youth activists in their 20’s and 30’s have been out in the streets protesting for months and months and [years and] years. Still forgotten.”


Russell believes BLM should be bankrolling a bevy of their pursuits:

“We’re asking that Black Lives Matter leadership [fund] $20 million for Ferguson organizers, organizations, and community foundations to do the work. We’re not begging for a handout. We’re coming for what we deserve.”

For the $20 million — as  “restorative measures” — Tory’s plans include the following:

  • Annual commemorations around Mike Jr.’s life
  • Mutual aid programs
  • Black Panther-style programs and services to meet the needs of the people


“And also organizing fellowships and stipends so we can fight white supremacy full time.”

“This is what we started in Ferguson,” he explains, “and this [is what] we will continue.”

It’s quite the bill.

The case of Michael Brown certainly played a prominent part in strengthening the Black Lives Matter movement — one that, clearly, generated a a colossal amount of cash.

Nonetheless, BLM may have other intentions.

As noted by The Associated Press, the bunch is fine-tuning its focus:


The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is now building infrastructure to catch up to the speed of its funding and plans to use its endowment to become known for more than protests after Black Americans die at the hands of police or vigilantes.

Per BLM’s impact report:

“We want to uplift Black joy and liberation, not just Black death. We want to see Black communities thriving, not just surviving.”

Whether or not any money changes hands, maybe at least those in Ferguson can agree with the mission.

If it costs $90 million or less, they should be able to achieve it.



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