Elon Does It Again: Mr. Musk Trolls The Onion with Good Ol' Babylon Bee

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Do you like The Babylon Bee?

If so, you have one thing in common with Elon Musk.

If you’ve got more things in common – say, 175 billion more…I’m in the market for a new friend.


Back to the Bee, on Saturday, a different comedy site published an article referencing Tesla’s founder.

The piece – “The Habits of Silicon Valley’s Most Powerful Fortune 500 CEO’s” – offered, in part, the following:

  • Setting an early morning alarm gives CEOs plenty of time to laugh while thinking about how they could quit their jobs right now and still be financially set for multiple lifetimes.
  • Smash Hand with Hammer to See if They Can Feel: The quest for success is never ending, but taking little moments like this can help leaders remember what they are chasing.
  • Now this is something we should all take up! Earning an average $14.5 million compared to the $39,888 of their workers perks CEOs up every morning and helps them get through some of their more boring days.
  • Business leaders like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are known for their charitable giving, and you can emulate them by setting aside .01% of your annual earnings and receiving endless praise.
  • It’s good for tech CEOs to make sure they take a break from [messing] over the world at large to focus on [messing] over their family and friends.
  • Cornering an employee and screaming at them that they’re shit and would be nothing without you again and again until they break down in tears is key to getting the performance needed to fuel the rise of any successful startup
  • CEOs take at least 20 hours out of their day to focus on themselves and their own needs

One slide featured Mr. Musk, as did the tweet:

I guess the nation’s resident genius didn’t appreciate it much; enter an official endorsement by the planet’s richest man of a modest Christian website.

Elon tweeted thus – and accurately:

“Have you read @TheBabylonBee? It’s great!!”

The man’s not afraid to trod in conservative circles. Is a nod to RedState upcoming?

He’s certainly been the subject of his fair share of headlines.

To name a few:

Elon Musk Does It Again – With Wired Monkey Brains and Your Revamped Future

Elon Musk Leaves California, Decides on Texas

Elon Musk Calls the Lockdowns a Violation of Our Rights and Lays Down the Facts About the Economy

Adam Carolla Does It Again With His Take on Elon’s Texas Transition, and One Governor Won’t Like It

And the Bee could use an attaboy – it’s been through its share of tough times.

As noted by The Daily Wire, 2019 saw the fact-checking site Snopes make a move: Though it hadn’t appeared to cry over The Onion’s silliness, it took the Bee to task over an allegedly defamatory story, accusing TBB of employing satire as a “ruse” to mislead readers.


And last October, Facebook threatened to demonetize the Bee over an article about a congresswoman from Hawaii.

The title:

Senator (Mazie) Hirono Demands ACB Be Weighed Against A Duck To See If She Is A Witch.”

As for Elon, he’s his own man.

You may remember this:

At 49, the guy’s accomplished quite a bit.

And now, the chief designer of SpaceX can add another credit to his name.

With his response to The Onion, it seems Elon’s mastered the high technology of trolling.



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