Adam Carolla Does It Again With His Take on Elon's Texas Transition, and One Governor Won't Like It

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If you haven’t heard the news, Elon Musk has left the building.

The building, that is, being Hotel California.

The Eagles had it right when they sang, “Warm smell of colitis, rising up through the air.”


Oh, sorry — that was colitas.

Either way, to many who loved the place once regaled by The Beach Boys, the state now stinks.

Apropos, the man who can stay anywhere he pleases has checked out.

RedState’s Scott Hounsell delivered the news:

Musk, who recently joined Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at the top of the wealth charts in the US, has been very critical of California’s policies in the past, suggesting that they might eventually drive him from the state. California’s elected officials scoffed at Musk’s threat, which now will end up reducing California’s annual tax revenue by millions, if not billions, of dollars.

And Tuesday, Adam Carolla appeared with Tucker Carlson to discuss Elon’s immigration.

Many a podcast listener’s favorite commander of common sense, Adam got down to brass tacks:

“Let’s just do this simple thought experiment. I just heard today Elon Musk was moving to Texas. So the smartest man on the planet has decided to move away from the dumbest governor in the United States.”

Somewhere in there, there’s a message:

“So when the smartest guy in the world says, ‘I’m moving,’ what does that say to the rest of us?”


Adam’s got a real knack for plain-spoken analysis. In July, he nailed self-esteem and cancel culture:

“(If) we people try to graft self-esteem onto you, you will be miserable eventually. And the reason you’ll have to be miserable is ’cause everyone’ll keep telling you, ‘Oh, you’re the best, you’re the coolest, you’re the greatest,’ and everything like that. But you start looking around, five years [have] gone by, and clearly there’s nothing going on — like you’re not the best, you’re not rich, you don’t have a great job, you don’t have a cool car. So now you feel like the best person in the world driving a beat-up car and working at a Burger King, and…that then turns to anger. … If you’d earned that self-esteem — if you felt as good about yourself as you should feel about yourself based on your accomplishments — then you would have a completely different world view.”

Character counts:

“[W]e used to talk a lot about character. And we don’t talk about character anymore. We talk about self-esteem. Self-esteem earned is fine. Self-esteem given is a huge problem. And character is always a good thing. So we removed character, we put this synthesized self-esteem in its place, and we have a bunch of…miserable people.”


Speaking of miserable, Adam told Tucker Southern California’s got things backwards:

“The Left has this way of approaching problems, and it’s a sort of bizarre reverse engineering of a problem. Which is, Los Angeles is like a house that’s riddled with termites. So Los Angeles’s reaction is, ‘Fire the termite inspector.'”

“And what happens to the house when you do that?” Carlson cued.

“It just turns into a pile of sawdust.”

More from the man from The Man Show:

“[I]t’s like saying, ‘We can’t make it up the hill in this old truck. We can’t go fast enough. The engine doesn’t work.’ ‘Well, then just take the speedometer and push it with your finger up to 80 miles an hour.’ It doesn’t work.”

It’s downright cinematic:

“You know the movie Escape From Los Angeles, with Kurt Russell? That has now become a reality show.”

Back to the guy’s knocking of Newsom, it might be a bit much — Gavin just has his own way of improving life for the masses.

Way back in 2013, he explained his genius on Adam’s podcast:

“I like sweating the small stuff, and then getting the big stuff.”


I guess Elon just couldn’t wait for the governor to work his way up.



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