Chicago Teachers Union Defies the City, Votes to Refuse an Ordered Classroom Return

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So what’s the Chicago teachers union been up to lately?

Well, one thing they haven’t been doing is going to work.

And they won’t be starting now.


At least, that is, where actually entering any school full o’ kids is concerned.

As reported by The Daily Wire, on Sunday, the crew voted to defy Chicago Public Schools’ order to return to in-person instruction.

Students are due back on the 1st of February.

Maybe they can teach themselves.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has been locked in a power struggle with the union for some time, with teachers and union brass insisting that it is not safe for teachers to return to classrooms, even though Chicago’s private schools have been in-person for months.

The Wire ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie — as I covered last month, the union leveled enormous accusations against the get-back-to-class crowd.

Per the CTU, re-installing kids’ keisters into desks is entrenched in a trio of terror:

“The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”


The plan had been for select students to start January 1st, while the beginning of February marked a school-wide return for pupils who preferred it.

As indicated by the Chicago Sun-Times, a motion was filed December 7th:

[The union] is making its second legal attempt in as many months to put Chicago Public Schools’ reopening plans on hold, accusing the district of illegally refusing to negotiate health and safety conditions before ordering teachers back into classrooms.

How great’s the viral risk?

It may be arguable, but a new study reveals in-school transmission is “extremely rare.”

And how’s the city taking the union’s edict?

According to TDW, not well.

Amid the fight, CPS has locked teachers out of their virtual classrooms, which the union insists is illegal.

So far, teachers are sticking to their six-shootres: The union made clear Sunday that members won’t return ’til they’ve received the COVID vaccination.

From WGN:

The nation’s third-largest school district wanted roughly 10,000 K-8 teachers and other staffers to return to school on Monday to get ready to welcome back roughly 70,000 students for part-time in-school classes starting Feb. 1. No return date has been set for high school students.


Also in the union’s sights: Joe Biden.

He’s pledged to have schools open within 100 days of his first term.

That bell will ring soon enough; will everyone be in class?

Stay tuned for more.



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