Geraldo Rivera Scorches 'Centrist' Biden, Says the Impact of Impeachment Will Be 'Absolutely Dreadful'

Geraldo Rivera Scorches 'Centrist' Biden, Says the Impact of Impeachment Will Be 'Absolutely Dreadful'
Richard Drew


On Sunday, Geraldo sounded off on America’s new and energetically-autographing president.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Rivera told the crew Joe Biden is no functional centrist.

Just days ago, the new Leader of the Free World spoke of unity:

If only his soul was signing executive orders; turns out, it’s his hand:

There’s a new man in the drivers seat, and the nation’s taking a very sharp turn to the Left.

As relayed by The Daily Caller, F&F co-anchor Will Cain asked, “Does unity for Joe Biden mean more about manners?”

To Will, Joe’s policies “don’t look like moderate” or “centrist.”

Geraldo agrees — he’s no middle-of-the-road kind of guy:

“I think Joe Biden wants to get along. But…I do believe that he’s going to govern — and is governing — from the Left.”

As you may recall, The Donald took flack for pulling America from programs he considered less than best. Now Joe’s on a real roll, rolling back the edicts of #45 and revealing a lot right out of the gate:

“Those executive orders going back to the Paris Climate Accord and some of the other international deals that President Trump pulled us out of, by embracing with his executive orders voluminous — remember how criticized Trump was when he used the executive order — but I think that Joe Biden is declaring himself as a left-of-center rather than a centrist president.”

Geraldo’s got a similarly-minded muchacho in Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Here’s how Rubio recently put it to Chris Wallace:

“Unity and ideology are two separate things… Unity doesn’t mean uniformity… … [America’s comprised of] people with very different opinions. … That’s separate from portraying yourself as a centrist, but the first thing you do is get thousands of people fired at the stroke of a pen by ending the Keystone pipeline, jump on the issue of gender when it comes to sports and who can use what bathrooms and…so on, an immigration order that…could be read to say that someone who’s committed a very serious crime — has raped or sexually abused a minor — as long as they were released from prison before the 19th of January, they’re not a priority for deportation… He may use the language, the rhetoric, even the demeanor of a centrist, but so far his policies don’t seem to represent that.”

Marco also said he’ll stop impeachment the “first chance” he gets.

Like the Congressman, Geraldo thinks that shindig’s gonna be a gutwrencher:

“I think that when they start…this impeachment of President Trump, whatever unity they hope for will dissolve instantly. This is a sure recipe for divisity in this country, for ideological warfare, it’s gonna be absolutely dreadful.”

And if that weren’t enough, so far, Joe’s failed to write the executive order Rivera’s recommended.

As I covered in November, the newsman advised they should name the COVID vaccine “The Trump.”

Don’t hold your breath, my good (mustached) man.



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