Chelsea Handler Celebrates Joe Biden With Her Bare Breasts

Chris Pizzello


If you haven’t heard, on Wednesday, the whole world got good again: Joe Biden was inaugurated.

National Review must’ve liked it:


Many a celebrity swooned over the switch, and you can count Chelsea Handler among them.

In fact, maybe count her double: She gave the new president a pair of approving parts.

On Ti Twitter, she wished us all a happy holiday:

“Happy birthday, America. Today is the day we make the promise and commitment to do better than our best. We are strong, we said no to corruption, and we said yes to justice, love, and righteousness. Have a great f—–g day.”

Hours later, she added, “Today is a day to celebrate.”

In an accompanying video, the former talk show host hiked up her brassiere.

She pointed her bare breasts toward the heavens.

And, it appeared, she basked in the Joe Bidenness.

She might wanna be careful, though — she could get frostbiden.

In order to access her assets, she had to unzip her thermal vest and unbutton her (flannel?) shirt — the one beneath her winter coat that matched her helmet and Oakley snow goggles.

She was sitting on a ski lift at the time — get an eyeful here.

I guess for voters whose hopes have hung low due to The Donald, these last 4 years have comprised a topless term.

Apropos, as I covered in September, a New Hampshire woman donning a “McCain Hero, Trump Zero” tee was told she couldn’t vote while wearing political swag.


So she swaggered out of her clothes.

From my article:

State law demands no person “shall distribute, wear, or post at a polling place any campaign material.”

Violators may face a $1,000 fine.

Presumably, the woman didn’t wanna fork over ten Benjamins. So she did something select male voters may have found…grand.

From [Seacoastonline]:

[T]he woman asked [Town Moderator Paul Scafidi] if he wanted her to take her shirt off, despite not wearing anything underneath.
“I said, I’d rather she not,” Scafidi said.

Refusing to be stripped of her right to vote, the ambitious agent of change removed her shirt about a hero and became, surely to some, the same thing.

It was the 19th Amendment or Bust.

Back to chesty Chelsea, it’s not the comedienne’s first time to poke around in the political world.

In November of 2018, I offered “Chelsea Handler Goes Thong-Nekkid to Remind You to Vote…

And here’s quite the (unpublishable) message.

Handler’s present perkiness is understandable: In 2016, she told television viewers, “So, the election’s over. And, obviously, the result is not what I was hoping for. So I think today’s show is gonna be a little different for all of us, because — like a lot of people in this country — I’m sad, I’m disappointed, and I’m confused.”


Now, everything’s all clear: The future’s as bright as that snow.

So Happy Birthday, from Chelsea and her bosomy Birthday Suit.



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